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Pencoed House, The Perfect Fairytale Wedding Venue

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Getting married at Pencoed House is magical at any time of the year but, with lockdown in place, bookings have been a little on the slim side. As soon as things ease though, Pencoed House would be the perfect venue to book your wedding, as Gavin and Jennifer Owen tell us here, their recent wedding was more romantic and exciting than they could have ever wished for.

How did you meet?
We met through a chance encounter in our place of employment eight years ago. We got engaged two years ago this Christmas in Edinburgh, where Gavin surprised me with an engagement ring hidden in a Christmas cracker at a stunning restaurant in a second-floor bay window overlooking Edinburgh Christmas markets and Castle.

Why did you decide to choose Pencoed House as your wedding venue?
We heard about Pencoed House through a colleague who, knowing our characters, thought this place would be perfect. We went to visit and fell completely in love with the venue, grounds its character and charm, and with Jamie, the owner. The feeling Pencoed House provides is incredible; the exclusivity, the history, the charm and romance of the place with its incredible grounds, stunning listed buildings and the ability to cater for our every wish really appealed to us.

With the architecture, the stonework and charm, Pencoed House offers the most gorgeous romance to a special day that it needs nothing more than the people to make an incredible wedding. We decorated the venue ourselves with the help of an incredible florist and candlelight.

Did you look at other venues before choosing Pencoed House?
We looked at many venues across the south Wales area, from Swansea to Brecon, spending many days traveling to hotels, country houses and castles. But on seeing Pencoed House and meeting with their team (it was actually the last place we visited), we fell in love with the venue and even now, after our wedding, the team have remained in contact. Their commitment to our incredible day will never be forgotten.

Did you work with their wedding planner?
No, not as such, we wanted to create our own day personal to us but everything we had planned and every wish we had we emailed to the team at Pencoed House and was met with support, help and assistance every step of the way. They really are a league above. We had initially looked to work with a supplier to help with this but had been let down – this worked out so much better for us, we were shown incredible commitment making planning and decorating our day so seamless.

Did you use their caterers? How was the food?

We used Cresta Caterers for our food.

How did the day go?
We know it is every couple’s dream to have a perfect day, an expectation that is often very hard to meet, but without any question our day was amazing from the day before meeting staff at the venue, to bringing all our decorations to the night before bridal party staying at Pencoed House. Then the day, wow! It was spectacular! The attention to detail, the quality of the service of every member of their staff including two incredibly good, and fun, bar staff. The grounds, the games, everything was seamless and allowed us to enjoy every second of the day with guests and with each other.

What was the most special part of the day?
This is so hard to answer. We feel so incredibly blessed and lucky to have experienced such an amazing day and to single out one part of it is impossible. We smiled ever second of the day!

Did you and your guests stay at Pencoed House? What was that experience like?
Yes, we stayed, along with our family and closest friends. We always wanted to make a weekend out of our special day to be able to share time and memories with everybody and this was made our reality with Pencoed House Estate. Everyone who stayed thoroughly enjoyed it and it allowed us to spend time the following morning sharing a cooked breakfast with our closest. This breakfast was also amazing in both quality and taste, and was brilliant.

What was working with the people at Pencoed House like?
Incredible. Jamie was our Master of Ceremonies, his character gelled so perfectly with ours and made our day incredibly personal and amazing. The team from email contact, text and visiting the venue to their staff working on the day with us was faultless, they showed an incredible commitment, effort and love to us and our day.

Even to wanting fireworks, which from numerous contacts with suppliers seemed to appear a challenge but Jamie gave us the details of a company called The Art of Sparks who put in an incredible display for us to match our dream of a firework send off – it was breath-taking.

Would you recommend Pencoed House to friends and colleagues?
A million times over!

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
We left Pencoed House the following day and set off to Heathrow to start our honeymoon in America. San Francisco, Yosemite, Death Valley, Mexico and New York. This occasion was an experience we knew would be a once in a lifetime.

Pencoed House
Llantrisant Road
Capel Llanilltern
Cardiff CF5 6JR

029 2167 8090

Images courtesy of Philip Warren.

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