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Adamsdown. As a thriving capital city, it’ll come as no surprise that Cardiff’s inner-city communities have a lot going on. Adamsdown is an example of this. Although not quite rivalling Cathays, Adamsdown is home to a fair student population thanks to the University of South Wales’ Atrium for Creative and Cultural Industries, described as ‘Cardiff’s most exciting campus’, and the Howard Gardens section of Cardiff Metropolitan University. It also includes Cardiff Prison; Royal Infirmary; Magistrates’ Court; churches; a Reform synagogue; temples; hotels and many residential communes.

Butetown. Separating the south of the city from Cardiff Bay, is Butetown, a district steeped in history. Originally known as Tiger Bay, it became one of the UK’s first multicultural communities, with groups from over 50 countries making it their new home around World War One. Today, this heritage is still clear to see – a Greek Orthodox church stands proudly on Bute Street, while Butetown is inhabited by high percentages of ethnic minorities, with just 42% of the 10,125 population identifying themselves as Welsh as of 2011. The docks, Loudon Square and History Arts Centre are all notable places within Butetown.

Grangetown. One of the largest districts in Cardiff’s south, Grangetown has a lively community, apparent both in 2015 and throughout the past. The River Taff attractively winds its way through the area, but there are activities less sedate than waterside strolls. For example, Tramshed! Following months of renovations from its humble origins as a tram depot, the entertainment venue opened in October and is set to become a welcome addition to Cardiff’s live music scene. Despite its name, Cardiff Bay Retail Park is also classed as being in Grangetown, incorporating the country’s only IKEA.

Splott. A traditional part of Cardiff city, once you walk into Splott, it’s clear to see the community emphasis. With many a religious building; school; pub and sports team, Splott is also considered one of the most authentically Welsh areas of contemporary Cardiff, and is also lucky enough to be featured quite heavily in popular culture, starring in Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. And there’s no forgetting Splott Aerodome, Cardiff’s first airport. Guess it’s true what they say – some like it Splott.