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Lockdown Life: Chef Spiro Borg

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The lockdown has had a huge impact on many businesses in our capital but probably one of the hardest to be hit is the hospitality sector. Even with the potential lifting of lockdown, it is the hotels, cafés and restaurants that will probably feel the pain for longest. We spoke to Chef Spiro Borg, one of Cardiff’s most respected caterers and, along with wife and business partner Lisa, own Spiro’s Catering.

Spiros opening night, Cornerstone Cardiff
This extremely hardworking couple also manage several venues in and around Cardiff and their Cornerstone venue on Charles Street is one they are most proud of. We talked to Spiro to find out how they are coping with the situation.

Can you work? Are you having to work right now?
No, we’re in complete lockdown, although we have been asked to help with the project of ‘Feeding the Heath’, which we are really proud to be part of. It’s purely on a voluntary basis but we made the decision as a family to be involved and we’re making a difference – that’s what matters.

If you are staying at home, what are you doing to keep yourself occupied? How are you coping?
Adapting to life at home, enjoying the peace and quiet of working from home and spending time with the family. There’s been a lot of home-made cooking,  and we’re doing a lot of gardening.

Spiros Fine Catering
Do you find the situation stressful?
It’s worrying, but I wouldn’t say I’m getting too stressed about the situation – just being practical. You can’t control things beyond your control.

What are your overall thoughts about the pandemic?
It’s a worrying time, and a truly global issue. I think we need to let the powers that be make the decisions, as they have expert advice that we are not fully party to. It’s such a tragic situation, with so many lives lost, and we just hope and pray that a solution can be found.

Do you have older family members? Are they reliant on you for anything?
No not really, but we do have friends that are elderly and we check in on them regularly, making sure that they have everything they need.

Spiros opening night, Cornerstone Cardiff
How do you think this pandemic will change us when things calm down (for better or for worse)?
I feel that it has made us appreciate the good things in life. I hope people will remember what is good about life, and that the biggest thing is to look after each other – your biggest wealth is your health! The worse thing about the lockdown is not being able to see our loved one and friends. There is comfort knowing that they are fit and well though.

I hope is that people will remember who was good to them at this time and who checked in on them, and also how companies, institutions and suppliers etc have treated them throughout this pandemic. It would also be great if we all thought about shopping local and supporting the little people of the high street, who have put all their life savings, time and last pennies into their business that they love so much, and have made huge sacrifices to keep so many people employed.

Spiro Borg City Life Cardiff
Spiro Borg

Cornerstone by Spiros
Charles Street
Cardiff CF10 2GA
029 2049 4425

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