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Review: Prezzo, St David’s Cardiff

Who doesn’t like Italian food? That’s right, no one.
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I’ll be completely up front; I love Italian food. I love Pizza and I really like Prezzo. So, usually, if I’m in Prezzo, I will always go for pizza! It’s a no brainer. This time though, I fancied a change.

Why? Well, I was watching Walk With Me Tim on YouTube (he reviews hotels all over the world), and his partner Gaby mentioned that whenever he goes to the same chain of restaurants, he always has something different. So, if it’s good enough for Tim, it’s good enough as they say. I’ll pop a link to his YouTube channel below.

So here we are, again, at Prezzo in St David’s, Cardiff. Incidentally, there you used to be a really good Prezzo in Penarth, but it closed sadly. Anyway, this time I was determined to try something different. Jack, our son, loves pasta (mainly Carbonara and Bolognese) and Jennifer loves anything with meat (well, mostly meat). So, pizzas were officially off the menu even though we were very tempted.

To start, we ordered some Garlic Bread made with ‘hand-stretched’ pizza dough baked with plenty of garlic and mixed herbs. See, we had to have some sort of pizza – there’s no getting away from it. We ordered a single portion to share but wished we’d ordered another. It was very scrummy.

Beef Raviolini with Gorgonzola Dolce. Basically, handmade baby ravioli filled with slowly braised beef and dressed with a creamy Gorganzola Dolce sauce. This was such a pretty dish and one, I think, would make for a perfect light lunch. On a warm, summer day, pair it with a cold glass of good Italian white and just for thirty minutes you could imagine you’re in Milan or Lucca.

By luck more than judgement, I had saved a piece of the garlic bread which was perfect for mopping up the last of the sauce. It was delish. Probably my winner out of the three courses.


Crab & Lobster Ravioli. Handmade apparently, and generously filled with crab and lobster. It certainly tasted authentic and was served in a velvety tomato lobster bisque, spinach, and a handful of chives. I think it could have been a little crabbier and lobstery (unsure if that’s how you describe that) but every time I have crab or lobster, I usually end up saying that. It was very nice though and the tomato sauce was just right.


Did someone say chocolate? And cherries? It was always going to be the Chocolate & Cherry Sundae. Joe Delucci’s rich, decadent chocolate gelato (and it was, seriously chocolatey) with Morello cherries, whipped cream and café curl wafers. Honestly this was heavenly. If I had to eat one dessert again for the rest of my life, this would be it. It would of course be a very short life but worth every spoonful.

Jennifer decided she was going to have a nibble of each of our starters, which was fine, plus a nice piece of garlic bread.

Chicken, Prosciutto & Sage Saltimbocca. Grilled chicken breast, crispy prosciutto and sage cooked in butter and white wine, served with slow roasted potato al forno and sweetheart cabbage. Jennifer loves cabbage. It was super tasty, and she couldn’t resist covering it with a generous serving of Parmesan. I thought Grace, our waitress, was going to suffer a repetitive strain injury grating away. It seems you can never have enough Parmesan.

Tiramisu. Their classic Italian dessert made of lady finger biscuits soaked in coffee, layered with the thickest mascarpone cream and marsala wine – finished off with a light dusting of cocoa. It looked like Tiramisu should look. It tasted like Tiramisu should taste. Yes, this was a pretty darn good Tiramisu. Delizioso.

We had a deconstructed one recently elsewhere which, quite frankly, was a disaster. This, in our humblest of opinions was perfect.

Was it going to be anything other than calamari? Of course not. It did look like it was slightly overdone, but Jack said it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It did come with a sauce, but he usually likes it plain. Personally, I’d have devoured the pestonnaise dip (I had to try a bit). Hey, we’re all different.


Had to be the Spaghetti Bolognese. It was perfect. Simply couldn’t go wrong with that. As I mentioned earlier, usually it would have been a pizza, so this was reasonably adventurous.

The stickiest of Sticky Toffee Pudding. He did ask for it without Joe’s vanilla gelato. It arrived with, by some kind of divine intervention, and he polished off the lot. Definitely a hit.

Upper floor on St David’s, Cardiff’s biggest shopping centre (next to Pizza Express, another of our favourites). But, Prezzo has a wider menu choice in our humble opinion – certainly a stronger dessert selection). Parking in the John Lewis carpark is very reasonably priced, and safe (especially in the evening). But remember you’ll need to pay your carpark fee with a card. Sadly, they have gone cashless (boooo).

Prezzo is tastefully designed with some nice touches. Like all good, well-designed restaurants, it’s a blank canvas waiting for the paint; in this case customers. People create the vibe and the open kitchen with the pizza oven is a good focal point. Like a country pub with a log fire.

Had to visit the little boy’s room at one point and I have to say, they were immaculate. You can tell a lot about a restaurant by its loo.

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Staff here are excellent. The Manager is extremely engaging and gave us a lovely welcome before showing us to a great table. Grace, our lovely, waitress was an absolute delight. She made our visit way more interesting than we expected – we were chatting about life, the world, universe and music, and she definitely had great taste.

Would we return?

Absolutely. Prezzo has never failed to deliver. We loved it in Penarth, and it’s proved its culinary consistency at St David’s. Good restaurants become firm favourites because they are a “sure thing”. That’s all customers want – consistency and value for money. For most, cash is tight these days so eating out can be a gamble. Prezzo is a safe bet. Everyone’s a winner.

St David’s
029 2267 7273

Walk With Me Tim…
Love this channel. Tim has a really natural delivery and provides informative, unbiased, useful and inciteful reviews. We like him because he’s normal. Lol.
Here’s his YouTube link.


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