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Honest Burger’s Guinness Fondue Is A Winner!

Do we really need another reminder of how good the Irish are? It appears we do.
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We follow Honest Burger’s socials. We like to try their specials and the latest monthly special is the Guinness Fondue Burger, which has returned again. It’s a tasty, and successful, collaboration with Irish beer brand Guinness (the name’s a giveaway).

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Given our, shall we say, ‘regrettable’ performance at the Six Nations, it won’t be the first time this year we’ve had a taste of the Irish. This one is, thankfully, leaving a better taste in our mouths.

For a second year running, Honest Burgers has brought back the popular burger for their fans (we definitely count ourselves among them). This exceptionally flavour packed burger is filled with crispy onions, the legendary Honest beef and pickles, rocket, candied bacon, melted together with the beloved Guinness fondue cheese, and topped with Guinness bacon and scrummy chive gravy, all crowned with a toasted bun.

Is it tasty? Full of flavour? Oh yes. I was a bit dubious about the Guinness. I thought it might be a little bitter. But no, it’s a flavour that grows on you through the meal and, at the end, I could have cheerfully ordered another.

Now I always have a side order of either fries or those massive onion rings. As Jack, my boy, was having the rosemary chips, I took the opportunity to order the onion rings. “Hey, we could share!” I mumbled under my breath. We didn’t. But those giant rings? Oh my God, they are unbelievably good. I could eat a plate of those all day long.

So the Guinness Burger is a triumph. If you didn’t try it last year, don’t wait another year. Like our Welsh rugby team, you’ll be full of regrets if you do.

Honest beef, candied bacon, Guinness fondue, crispy onions, Guinness bacon gravy, rocket and pickles 

For this month only, the Guinness Fondue Burger will be available at all 43 Honest Burgers’ restaurants, from the 1st to the 28th of February.

The Guinness Fondue Burger is priced at £14 with side included. It is, in our humble opinion, worth every penny.

Great service too!
Lovely staff there. Nothing is too much trouble.

Get in there!
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