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Flight Club Cardiff Is Five Star Fun

The bar that combines social darts with seriously good food and cocktails in a stunning, insta-worthy setting and claims to be the place to head to for the ultimate mate date. But does it live up to the hype?
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On a typical Welsh Saturday in February Richard, the resident City Life artworker, designer and all-round fixer, took himself into Cardiff for a session at Flight Club with his mates. Rich loves his darts so we thought this would be good feedback about the venue. We asked Richard about the evening.

I know what you’re thinking. First rule of Flight Club: We do not talk about Flight Club!

Richard, who did you go with?

Three good friends from my darts team The Flying Fockers – Ash, Rob and Gareth.
Allegedly one of them is a darts beast.

What did you do?

We played darts then moved up to the roof terrace to watch the rugby (Wales vs Ireland) where we had food and drinks. Brilliant combo.

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What did you eat?

We had Sourdough BBQ Roast Chicken Pizza with Cheese and bacon loaded waffle fries. Gluten free options of both were available for our Gareth which was much appreciated.

What did you drink?

We started with a mixture of beers and cider whilst playing darts and moved onto the cocktails on the roof terrace: Toffee Apple Old Fashioned, Salted Caramel Espresso Martini, Tankard 10 and Social Darts Spritz.

Bottom line, did you have a good time?

Yes, we had a great time from start to finish. We were greeted and shown to our darts area where everything was explained. Drinks service was lightening quick and we were well looked after. The roof terrace has a very pleasant atmosphere, it was a little chilly outside, but the area is heated to keep you warm enough. All staff were really great. All in all, a really great experience – I think you’d enjoy it whether you’re into darts or not.

Would you recommend Flight Club to others?
Very highly recommended, we are looking forward to going again soon.

So there you have it. It’s official. Flight Club is a hit. We’re not into darts but, you know, on the strength of Richard’s experience, it sounds like five-star fun. Will definitely give it a go.

Flight Club Cardiff
3-4 St Mary Street
Cardiff CF10 1AT
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We’ll be darting ‘round (groan). Will you?
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