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Repairs & Resprays: The Race To Sustainability

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Sustainability is the word of the moment. But when it comes to cars, we’re constantly being encouraged to get rid of our cars and get the latest model – even if it is hybrid or electric. So what do you do to be truly eco-friendly?

With waste and climate change on our minds surely we should be aiming to hold on to our vehicles longer and get the maximum amount of use out of them. We caught up with Sean Davies, owner of Davies Motors to get his perspective.

Sean, what are your thoughts on the disposable car culture?
I’m not sure that’s a culture I recognise. Even with new cars for example, someone might own it for say two, three or even four years and then sell, or return if they’re on a PCP. That vehicle will go on to be reused. There’s a strong argument to say that the automotive industry does a very good job of recycling and reusing the products it makes. They’ve done a lot over the years to minimise the use of single use plastics for example. It’s going the right way.

You repair a lot of what we’d call “every-day” vehicles but quite a lot of what you repair are classics and high-end supercars…
That’s right. What we see is that the people who own classics for example will hold on to their vehicles for years if not decades. They really care for them so we find we might repair or respray a vehicle several times for a client over a decade or so.

In the super car sector, the owners vary; from people who have always dreamed of owning a particular marque and, once purchased, may never part with it. Those owners, like the classic owner, will lavish a lot of love on those cars so they tend to last a long time and be repaired and resprayed more than say a run-of-the-mill vehicle.

You’re always posting some beautiful cars on your Facebook feed. Why do you think these owners come to you?
We’ve earned an excellent reputation for quality and finish. Brands like Bentley and Aston Martin are incredibly choosy when it comes to who carries out their bodywork repairs. They demand exceptionally high standards – there is simply no way they would tolerate anything sub-standard.


You work on a lot of high-end vehicles but do you do work on what we’d call the ‘normal’ cars?
Most of our work is the usual brands that we all drive every day. And it’s important to add that those customers receive exactly the same quality of service as a driver of an Aston or a Porsche or Ferrari. People don’t realise that they don’t have to use their insurer’s nominated repairer. You can choose your own and it’s important you do. If you’ve had the misfortune of having a bump, you want to be confident that the car returned to you will be as good as it was previously.

How is 2020 going so far? Any highlights?
We’ve had some gorgeous cars in already this year. We haven’t had so many winter bumps this year because it’s been very wet rather than icy. However, things can change very quickly – remember a few years ago we had snow and blizzards in March and April.

So you’re excited about the year ahead…
Definitely. We’ll be into spring soon enough and then drivers will want their classics and high-end cars on the road. We usually start getting calls then – either because they want a spruce-up before they take them out, or they already have and have had a little prang. We, like drivers, never know what’s around the corner. Look at the coronavirus, who saw that coming?

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