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Honest Burger’s Caribbean Fried Chicken Special Got Us In The Mood For Summer

Yes, summer is most certainly here, and if Honest Burger have anything to do with it, it's flavour packed!
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Summer has arrived and with carnival season around the corner, Honest Burgers has taken a trip to the tropical isle of Grenada and produced a burger that, and I quote, “will bring the sunshine to your tastebuds this June!”

Does it do that? Does it actually do that? Well, I’m not sure it was sunshine but it was pretty pleasing. It’s a bit spicy – not too much (I must confess I’m a bit of a lightweight in that area), but this was full of flavour and, I have to say, real value for money. We were pretty, well you know, stuffed afterwards and the place had a great vibe – if there’s one thing Honest don’t do is short change you on portion sizes or flavour.

The Caribbean Fried Chicken Special was created as part of a collaboration with Grenada’s tourism board ‘Pure Grenada’. The buttermilk fried burger sits on top of Honest’s new ‘Spice Isle’ coleslaw and is layered with garlic and herb mayonnaise (that mayo is pretty special by the way) and a blend of BBQ sauce and scotch bonnet sauce. The burger also features Grenadian herbs which give it an excellent aroma and flavour.

This special is a limited-edition burger and is available now until the 3rd of July.

My advice – get in there pronto. This is as we are known to say “a tasty burger!” And, if you’re a fan of Honest’s specials as we are you’ll definitely want to try this one.

While we were in Cardiff, we saw this very cool dude busking. I think we grabbed a card. He was certainly worthy of a plug. I’ll do my best to dig it out and post his details.

Honest Burgers

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