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The Wednesday W(h)ine: Litterbugs

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This first Wednesday w(h)ine (sic), kicks of our new series of posts. Basically be optimistic the rest of the week but sound off and get it all off your chest on a Wednesday while downing a cheeky glass of red, rosé or white. Sorry, no spirits at this point. Perhaps later.

The whine…
People who drop litter. Litterbugs. It does make my blood boil when I see litter on the side of the road, especially when I’m in the countryside or a park. Occasionally I see people actually throwing it out of the windows of their cars! I mean, what’s that about? Sadly, I can’t think of a single day in the last ten years when I haven’t seen a piece of litter. That’s a sad indictment of our society. I actually do pick it up occasionally. At least once a month – I’ll take a bag and do my bit. Anyway, there it is. Don’t drop litter. It’s thoroughly abhorrent.

The wine…
Fairtrade Carmenere
£6 (although I paid £6.25 from the Co-op garage).
75cl 13%

Apparently the “Carmenere is soft, yet rich, with a berry mocha richness. Unusually for this neck of the woods, many of the small vineyards that grow the fruit for this wine are owned by women.”

Fairtrade Fact (according to the Coop): The money from Fairtrade sales has helped pay tuition fees and bursaries so that the children of the vineyard workers can go to university or college. For many, they are the first generation of their family to do so.

Watch out on the shelves. There’s a 12% and a 13%. You don’t need to be told which is best…

A couple of glasses of this and your litter induced, highly elevated blood pressure should glide down to a healthy, restful rhythm while you savour the blackcurranty, chocolatey notes. Go on, you deserve it. And if you manage to pick up a few pieces of litter (say three) on your way to the Coop, you can wear the smuggest of smuggy faces knowing you’ve not only single handedly cleaned up the environment, but you’ve also helped put some kids through university in Chile. Cheers! Or “salud!” as they say in Santiago.

Meanwhile, don’t drop litter, and please drink responsibly.

See you next Wednesday…

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