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Cardiff In The Top 10!

Cardiff is the 10th best UK city to live in if you're a music lover.
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The 10 best cities to live in as a music lover in order are: London, manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Liverpool, Cambridge and our beloved capital Cardiff.

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Above: Black Elvis

London ranks first as the best place for music lovers to live in the UK – with a total live music score of 10/10. London has cultivated the most artists and bands over the years with 351 originating from the capital. This includes some of the biggest names in music such as David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and Queen, among many others. With a whopping 16,596 upcoming concerts, being a Londoner in 2022 is ideal for any music fan.

Manchester ranks second with a slightly lesser score of 9.66/10. Manchester has the second highest amount of upcoming festivals behind London and the third highest amount of upcoming concerts, so there is plenty of music to hear and enjoy over the next year in Manchester. Home to big bands such as Oasis, Simply Red, and Take That, Manchester is a close runner-up for best UK city for music lovers.

Glasgow rounds off the top three with a total live music score of 9.31/10. Glasgow offers a high number of upcoming concerts but is only hosting a limited number of festivals – which likely impacts the overall live music score. Glasgow is home to 148 bands including big names like Franz Ferdinand and the Fratellis.

Edinburgh ranks 4th with an total live music score of 9.24/10. Home to the world’s largest arts festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Scottish capital of Edinburgh comes in fourth place on our list of best UK cities for music fans. There are 18 main music venues dotted around the city and over 158 artists and bands have originated from here. Edinburgh achieves a high 9.24/10 music fan score.

Birmingham ranks 5th with an total live music score of 9.15/10. Birmingham has 945 concerts and 13 festivals lined up for music fans in the next year so those living in Birmingham will have plenty to choose from. Birmingham was also home to some truly legendary 1970s rock bands such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

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The research, conducted by Slingo, analysed various factors including venues, upcoming festivals and concerts, and the average cost of tickets to reveal the best places for music access.

Did you know?
Rock/Pop are officially the UK’s most popular genres with a whopping 6,375 upcoming concerts. London is the city with the best access to venues, concerts, festivals and artist and band origins. Is that a surprise though? Perhaps not.

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