City Life is the City of Cardiff's premier lifestyle magazine.

Advertising In Cardiff

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If you’re an advertising agency, company or small business looking to promote your products or services to Cardiff’s affluent and aspirational residents, look no further than City Life – Cardiff’s truly home-grown ‘Life’ style magazine.


City Life (Cardiff) is the premier lifestyle magazine for the City Of Cardiff and is widely distributed to a selection of Cardiff’s best businesses. From hotels to beauty salons, City Life reflects the very best of Cardiff life and is the tried and a trusted vehicle for display advertising.

City Life is carefully distributed throughout Cardiff and, besides our many thousands of loyal readers, City Life also has an impressive following on our social media channels.

As I type, Facebook followers are over 5,000 and Twitter followers are well over 15,000. We also have several thousand followers on Instagram. Our total network currently bostas over 120,000 followers and fans.

If you’d like to promote your business in Cardiff’s premier ‘Life style’ magazine, please email us at and type Advertising City Life in the subject bar.