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Weight Loss That Works!

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There are many reasons why someone may want to lose weight; such as a wedding, a beach holiday or, with Christmas fast approaching, getting into that little black dress. However, it is important to take a healthy approach to weight reduction and ensure you don’t put the pounds back on again. 

city-life-weight-centre1At The Weight Care Centre, Cardiff, Dr. Essam El Fayoumy has had much success with his three tier approach of non-invasive liposuction, fitness training, and diet and nutrition. We chat to one of his clients, Lorna Vale, to find out more. 

How did you hear about the Weight Care Centre?
From a friend who had joined after seeing the sign from the bus window whilst traveling into town.

What made you want to go there?
I had been very overweight for a number of years and had done the usual slimming clubs in an attempt to do something about it – the friend had joined this gym and was telling me about it and, I have to confess, I was suspicious – it did sound a bit “faddy”. She was telling me of the meal replacements system that she was on, however in a very short space of time the results were visible and she was enjoying the physical side of the program that she had been allocated. It was her results and encouragement that persuaded me to look at the Weight Care Centre.

What plan did you follow?
I follow the full plan which is similar to the Cambridge diet (which wasn’t as much of a replacement system as I had thought) the twice weekly gym sessions and the non-invasive liposuction. Recently I have also attended either a yoga or Pilates session on a weekly basis. I have to say I am really enjoying all aspects of the regime.

How did you find Dr. Essam El Fayoumy?
There is an easy way to describe him – sweet! Although on my first consultation he did stress that I had a lot of work in front of me and that it wasn’t going to be an instant fix. He asked about my general health and lifestyle. Only then did he suggest the diet, especially after I confessed that I did have the habit of missing breakfast due to time. He also put together an eating plan that would fit into my normal working day which included foods that I did like, not a single lettuce leaf was suggested to me.

How long is your plan?
The plan is as long as it takes. I have no intention of giving up until I reach my goal weight which was determined more by BMI than a number on the scales. I have to confess recently I have been cheating on the regime, so it will take a bit longer than it should, but I enjoy going to the centre on the thrice weekly basis for the gym and yoga/ Pilates which, although hard work, is very social.

Have you seen much improvement since you started?
There has been a change of staff which I was apprehensive about – I was overweight and very self-conscious of my body shape. The girls I started with were very nice and did not make me feel uncomfortable however I needn’t have worried, the new trainers that I work with are just as approachable. They are pleasant but still make you work at the exercises, and I feel as comfortable now as with the original staff members. Since I started the number of services offered has expanded, massage sessions and the more recent yoga and Pilates, the pieces of gym equipment has also been increased offering a wider variety of exercises.

On a personal note my fitness level and body shape has changed dramatically, I no longer feel that a flight of stairs is an exercise session on their own. However the biggest improvement is the change in my health status. When I started in July of 2014 I was a tablet controlled diabetic, and I also had medication for blood pressure. In an interim check just before Christmas, the decision was to remove the diabetic medication and to see if the sugar levels remained steady. On the last annual diabetes check I had reduced my status from registered diabetic to normal. I am not even in the ‘at risk’ category and my blood pressure had reverted to normal.

How has the regime changed you and your lifestyle?
My food shopping on the whole has improved. I still occasionally have a blow out and eat all the things that I should not but it is now only very occasionally rather than on a weekly basis. I no longer buy a lot of crisps and sweets. I also use to do a lot of impulse food buying most of which I didn’t eat and would end up being thrown away.

Buying clothes has been an expensive exercise as I had nothing that fitted well enough to be worn if a smart outfit was required and I had no summer clothes that fitted. I enjoy the gym and I also walk a lot more that I have for many years and have been indoor skydiving and water hover boarding recently – loved the former couldn’t do the latter. But both of which I would not have considered doing this time last year. I have much more self-confidence now and I know that it is related to my body image.

Will you continue with the plan once your work with the Weight Care Centre is over?
I know that I still have more work to do before getting to my goal weight and after to maintain. In the past, once I had got to my goal weight, I did not maintain it as I stopped doing all the things that I knew I should do. I have every intention of continuing to attend the Weight Care Centre for both the medical and social benefits.

Are happy to recommend the centre to friends, family and colleagues?
I would and have recommended the centre to friends and colleagues, one of whom has joined recently and is currently doing very well and enjoying the experience. I do however stress that it is not cheap and does require a lot of hard work on your part, but the cost of the program has certainly, in my case, been offset by the fact that I no longer buy a lot of crisps and sweets and food that I throw away. The cost of the program is probably less than I have paid over the years in various slimming clubs and, at least this time, I have a positive outcome.

Weight Care Centre 
189 Cathedral Road
Cardiff CF11 9PN
029 2025 5258 

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