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Conquering Arthritis

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Arthritis is one of the biggest causes of disability in the UK, affecting people of all ages. Thirteen million people in the UK are currently affected by arthritis and joint pain. Barbara Allan had suffered with reactive arthritis for years – she is now completely pain-free. Read on to find out more…

Taking aim (3)

New Set of Wheels
At age 25, Barbara Allan became so crippled by arthritis that she was forced to use an electric cart. Trying to walk caused her fainting intensities of pain. Her medical doctors told her nothing more could be done. Luckily, she did not believe them. Instead, she researched her own cure.

At the time, she was a PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis. She made excellent use of the world class medical library and her access to top medical research minds. She completely reversed her arthritis using the 9 Secrets in her bestselling book, Conquering Arthritis. Her book details how you can also carry out these treatments.

Barbara has continued to be arthritis- free since 1999. She is still delighted with trading in her old set of wheels, the electric cart, for her new, much more fun set of wheels, her bicycle.

Importance of an Accurate Diagnosis – Aiming at the Right Target!
To Barbara’s surprise, the treatments in her Conquering Arthritis book have been helpful not just for reactive arthritis, which is what she had, but also for a wide range of arthritis types. She says, “One of the ironies of my life is that I wrote a book that is so effective for reversing rheumatoid arthritis., which I did not have.” Her next shocker was how many people have written her about how helpful the book has been for their osteoarthritis. She then realized that the primary problem for most of the over 200 forms of arthritis is chronic inflammation. Her methods help because they reverse the underlying causes of chronic inflammation.

That being said, it is still important to get an accurate diagnosis, especially to identify problems beyond the scope of simple arthritis. If you have Lyme disease, for instance, it must be additionally treated, in order to recover.

Diet and Exercise – Your Best Defense
Arthritis drugs suppress symptoms, but alone do not reverse underlying causes. You also need nature cure methods, like an individually tailored anti-inflammatory diet and exercise designed to help you recover.

Why Generic Anti-Inflammatory Diets Often Fail
The foods and chemicals that trigger inflammation, vary widely from one person to the next. To get well, you must avoid your own trigger substances, not some generic list that eliminates many perfectly healthy foods for you and simultaneously allows other “safe” foods that are not actually safe for you.

Barbara’s book details several different ways to identify your particular triggers. For the quickest and easiest way, visit:

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