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The Perfect Finish

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It’s been an amazing year at Davies Motors. In the last year, the Cardiff company has repaired some truly amazing cars. By owner Sean Davies’s admission, the car park has looked a little like an episode of Top Gear on occasions.


We caught up with Sean to find out a little more about the company’s impressive performance over 2019 and his hopes and dreams for 2020.

Sean, how are things at Davies Motors?
Brilliant. We’ve had a really good couple of years. We’ve been constantly improving and streamlining our business and that, combined with our growing reputation, means we’re much more on the radar especially with the owners of the supercars and hyper-cars.

Why do you think these owners are coming to you to repair and renovate their vehicles?
We’ve developed, and earned I believe, an excellent reputation for quality and finish. Brands like Bentley and Aston Martin are incredibly choosy when it comes to who does their bodywork repairs. They have exceptionally high standards and there is absolutely no cutting corners ever.

This year we’ve seen some truly gorgeous cars come through and, I must confess, it can be hard to see many of them go once we’ve worked our magic.

You say magic, but really it’s hard work and skill that produces such beautiful work…
I agree. I have a fantastic team of really talented people working here. They’re as passionate as I am about producing beautiful work, and nothing gives all of us more pleasure than seeing cars leave the building in perfect condition and the owners’ beaming smiles.

You work on a lot of exotic cars but do you do work on what we’d call ‘normal’ cars?
Absolutely. The vast majority of our work is the usual brands that we all drive every day. And it’s important to add that those customers receive exactly the same quality of service as a driver of a Rolls Royce or Lamborghini. Many people don’t realise that they don’t have to use their insurer’s nominated repairer. You can choose your own and it’s important you do. If you’ve had the misfortune of having a bump, you want to be confident that the car that returns will be as good as it was previously. That’s not always the case with the so called ‘bucket shop repairers’.

What’s your car of the year?
We’ve had the pleasure of restoring some beautiful vehicles this year. We’re very proud of those. Honestly, we’ve had so many through this year that it would be impossible to choose a favourite – they’re like your children.

And for 2020? What are your plans?
It’s brilliant being out in front when it comes to quality and service but I suppose it’s a little like gaining a Michelin star if you’re a restaurant. You have to maintain it. So if we end 2020 producing the same or better standards of work, that’ll be a win for us.

Davies Motor Company
Hadfield Close (off Hadfield Road), Cardiff, CF11 8BD
029 2039 4407

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