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Laings Celebrate The Beauty Of Everyday

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Luxury jewellers, Laings, have launched their 2021 winter campaign across UK stores and online. The sparkling campaign encourages customers to enjoy the beauty of the everyday, allowing moments of escapism with a touch of luxury.

City Life Cardiff Laings Winter 1
To mark the New Year, Laings have unveiled their winter campaign for 2021. Filled with precious moments, that show how simple memories can hold a special joy, it features timeless diamond jewellery and classic wristwatches.

Whether it’s a walk in nature, a window daydream or an evening spent together, more and more it’s these quiet, seemingly unremarkable events that we all hold dear. Laings campaign celebrates these everyday occurrences, showcasing a series of daily moments sewn together to form the glittering tapestry of life.

Sally Alobaidi, Head of Marketing, at Laings, commented: “Our appreciation for the joy found in the everyday became so much more paramount last year, and is something that should be celebrated. Diamonds symbolise this joy, reminding you of precious moments, and becoming part of your day-to-day.”

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Diamond jewellery can come to represent the everyday romances that they witness. They remind you of the beauty that each day holds, and the time you dedicate to putting on your precious pieces is a moment to be cherished, retelling treasured memories.

Sally continued: “Sometimes the simple, timeless and classic diamond jewellery pieces that we wear all the time are our most prized. They add a hint of magic to each day, and this season we wanted to celebrate the unspoken moments that they become a part of.”

City Life Cardiff Laings Winter 3
This year Laings invites you to celebrate the beauty of the everyday, and the exquisite jewellery pieces that become part of this. Allow yourself a moment to escape as you revel in the romance that simple, yet precious moments hold.

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Photography: Martin Scott Powell, assisted by Paul Reich

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