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Itec Skills & Employment: Nurturing Growth In Wales

Want to transform your career? Itec Skills and Employment is nurturing growth in Wales to meet emerging skills gaps; upskilling staff and assisting with professional development.
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In the heart of Wales, Itec Skills and Employment stands as a testament to the power of education and training, fostering local talent and boosting the economy. The organisation was established over 40 years ago, becoming a cornerstone of opportunity and helping to address emerging skills gaps. Itec has evolved into a beacon for learners and employers alike. Vale Life talked to Business Development Manager Lee Grindlay to find out more.

Lee, please tell us about the organisation. Why was it set up?
Itec was established over forty years ago to meet emerging skills gaps; today we have grown to become one of Wales’ largest providers of skills and employment services. We have a team of over 200 employees and are continuing to grow. We are proud to be the first Welsh independent training provider to become employee-owned, with 100% of the business now owned by our employee-owners.

Is it just Wales that you operate in?
No, We do deliver across Wales but also have a sister company “Itec @ the centre” based in London.

20240212_101228From right to left: Lee Grindlay, Svet Iliev, Gosia Rzeszotko, Liam John, Luke Mitchell

Primarily, what services does Itec offer and to whom?
We are one of the largest and most vocationally diverse work-based learning providers in Wales holding Welsh Government contracts to deliver Apprenticeships and Jobs Growth Wales Plus (JGW+) along with a Department for Work and Pensions contract, as a provider of Serco, to deliver Restart. In England we hold ESFA contracts to deliver Apprenticeships along with delivering commercial training.

Our Apprenticeship Programme is open to everyone over the age of 16 in employment looking to upskill and continue their personal and professional development. Job Growth Wales+ is for those aged 16-19 who are not in full-time education, employment, or training. The Restart Scheme will give individuals in Wales claiming Universal Credit (for at least 9 months) enhanced support to find jobs in their local area.

Is funding available?
Absolutely, funding is available to support all businesses in Wales, regardless of size. Apprentices earn while they learn – so the employer pays the wages, and we meet the training costs. We focus on providing great quality training, the right skills pathways plus the appropriate level of support to help achieve economic durability.

Does the employer have to apply or can an employee initiate contact?
We welcome both! The net result is everyone benefits.

You mentioned funding is available but is there a cost? Who ultimately pays?
In Apprenticeships, all qualifications are funded by the Welsh Government. As employees, all learner salaries remain the responsibility of the employer. The aim is through great training we increase the rewards for both employer and employee.

What do you think are the primary benefits?

Work based learning and apprenticeships offers a dual benefit to employers, positively impacting both existing and new staff.

For existing employees, work-based learning provides an avenue for upskilling, and professional development. It fosters a culture of continuous learning, leading to increased job satisfaction and that means higher retention rates for employers.

Apprenticeships can bring a fresh influx of talent to the organisation, whilst also minimising costs. Providing the opportunities of training and apprenticeships means an employer can attract new staff members, which ensures employees quickly integrate into the company’s culture and operations.

Targeted training ensures that they stay abreast of industry advancements, enhancing their proficiency and adaptability.

How do we find out more information or make an application?
Please contact me or any of the team and we will guide you through the apprenticeship start process and answer any questions you may have. It is our job to ensure you have a full understanding of your chosen apprenticeship qualification and the requirements of this.

We will discuss the chosen qualification with you to ensure you understand the level of commitment required for the programme, we are here to help and to ensure starting a qualification is as easy as possible so if you have any questions please ask!

We’ll simplify paperwork for funding, aiming to keep it to a minimum for a seamless enrolment process. We can meet in person, over the phone, or via an online meeting based on your preferences. We appreciate that time is precious.

It’s win-win for all…

Benefits for employers:
* Fully Funded training
* Heps fill skills gaps
* Motivates the workforce
* Reduces recruitment costs
* Builds a skilled and motivated workforce
* Helps expand the business
* Effectively future-proofs operations
Ultimately we want to increase productivity and improve the bottom line.

Advantages for Individuals:
Fully funded training and nationally recognised qualifications
Upskilling which increases employability
Professional development
Integrating into the company’s culture and operations
On the job training
* Recognised certification

What people say…

My career and personal development have grown astonishingly since completing my apprenticeship with Itec, I have grown in confidence and in knowledge.
Laura Dunscombe, Riverbank School

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with ITEC over the last few months, especially with Kym. I feel we have a great working relationship, and she is always on hand if we need support. I am amazed at how much my apprentices have grown in confidence in just 3 months. Watching them develop their interpersonal, communication and influencing skills has been a pleasure and I would thoroughly recommend an apprenticeship in customer service.
Leighton Griffiths
EE, Team Leader for Customer Service Apprentices

Itec Skills and Employment
Itec House, Penarth Road
Cardiff CF11 8TT
02920 663 800

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