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Film Review: Tenet At Cineworld Cardiff

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Family day out in Cardiff: Tenet at Cineworld, then on to Honest Burger…

I’ll kick things off by saying I like Christopher Nolan’s work. The Batman stuff, yes, they were entertaining but too popcorny to be truly memorable. Having said that, Ledger as the Joker, was genius; rest in peace young man. Back to Tenet – this is Nolan at his most mature and it’s a fine movie, a good movie, but not a great one. It is a blast I’ll give you that, and the two chaps driving the time-skipping action, John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, do so with elegance and panache. It’s a hugely watchable, big screen, non-stop action fest but there is something missing.

Jack and Jennifer
Jack and Jennifer outside Cineworld

Even writing about it now, I honestly can’t remember most of the plot and, if I’m really coming clean, I don’t care. It was entertaining but forgettable, unlike Interstellar and Inception. I loved both movies and I can still replay scenes from each in my mind. If Tenet is a seven out of ten, Interstellar and Inception are strong nines.

So should you see Tenet?
Absolutely. Should you see it at Cineworld rather than the Odeon? Definitely. Cineworld with its lovely leather seating just seems to be a more customer focused experience (especially if you add in the 4DX which definitely enhances the watch).

We followed our cinema visit with a trip to what has become our go-to burger joint in Cardiff, Honest Burger. Jennifer wrote a great review of our visit. Click here and you can read all about it. We rarely rate anything a perfect ten but when we visited Honest Burger back in March just before lockdown, we enjoyed what were probably the best burgers we’ve ever tasted. This time was no different – even with Covid measures in place, The Honest Burger team delivered yet again. All in all, a great family day out in Cardiff.

Mark Roberts

Cinema has never been so affordable…
Cinema prices have dropped quite a lot to encourage customers, so there’s no better and more affordable time to go.

Adult (aged 18 or over)
Standard £4.50 SuperScreen £5.50 4DX £9.20
Child (Aged 14 and over)
Standard £4.50 Superscreen £5.50 4DX £9.20
Student Standard
£2.90 Superscreen £3.90 4DX £7.60
Senior Standard
£4.50 Superscreen £5.50 4DX £9.20
Max 3 children, max 4 tickets for the same film. £18 Superscreen £22 4DX £36.80
3D Screenings
Standard, Superscreen and 4DX – All tickets + £1 Glasses £1

Always visit their website though – prices may change.

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