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The curtain is closing on Summer and the colder months approach, we may as well enjoy the cold so if you’re planning a skiing holiday and want to brush up those slope skills then we may have the place for you… Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre in Fairwater has everything you need to get you up to speed, it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby after all.

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The home of Snowsport Wales, and one of the most well-established ski slopes in the UK, Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre’s slope went through significant changes when management was handed over from the local council to Snowsport Cymru Wales, the governing body of snow sports in Wales.

Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding you’re interested in, the centre’s highly qualified instructors have travelled all over the world pursuing their passion for snow sports. You can rely on them to get you excited about the snow and snow sports. The talented team provide activities for all levels and ages for individuals and groups.

Snowsport Wales run over 11,000 sessions a year and provide special deals for schools, charities and businesses. They run instructor courses, junior ski and snowboard school at the weekends, school events and competitions, they even have an extended slope to facilitate ski racing!

No experience? Don’t worry the team are used to having a wide range of abilities learning with them. The majority of adult clients learning with them are first-timers or beginners. Most just want to have a few lessons to make the most out of their first, second or third holiday. Similarly, a lot of children who go on a skiing trip with their schools will come for a group of lessons with their school, or join in the fun at the ski and snowboard schools on weekends.

For those with little ones that would like to learn, the centre has started a brand new program for children under six years old. With the same two instructors every week so they can consistently monitor your child’s progress and adapt. All speci cally designed to create a safe and fun learning experience. With a maximum of ve kids to each instructor, they’re guaranteed the support and guidance they need to improve. Their schools program is twinned with InspireSki who offer the school trip experience of a lifetime; giving pupils the opportunity to ski in some of the world’s best resorts for that life changing experience.

For the more advanced clients who are looking to develop their techniques and push themselves from competent skiers to good, technical all-mountain ski & snowboarders. Then Snowsports Wales’ race club, freestyle club or, perhaps, a series of private lessons, may just be for you.

There have been a number of successful ski racers that began their journey at this slope, and progressed through the Ski Club.

The centre’s skilled instructors are now fully qualified to teach disability skiing. Disability Skiing gives you the opportunity to bypass your limitation and adapt yourself with training, a guide or even special equipment to go on and ski independently. Any sport can be an adaptive sport, and can be a great way to rehabilitate, boost con dence and nd a new passion or rejuvenate an old one.

Looking to get more involved?
Cardiff Ski Club, meet every Tuesday evening at the Ski Centre have produced plenty of national ski competitors and continue to bring of ski racing to young people around Cardiff. The Snowboard Club meets on a Sunday night. This club has grown exponentially over the last few years, morphing into a freestyle club, where freestyle skiers and snowboarders can learn and progress under the advice and instruction of experienced instructors.

It’s snow time!
If you’re on the look out for a snow sport facility to get yourself slope ready. With passionate and enthusiastic staff to get you up to speed then Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre may be the place for you to begin your journey. We’ll be back to learn more about freestyle in our next issue. So, as they say, watch this space. In the meantime check out the centre’s Facebook page and website for further details of their events and courses.

Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre
198 Fairwater Road Fairwater
029 2056 1793
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