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Tagging. Apparently We Fail…

Those little green blocks of words (Categories) on our posts.
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Yes, apparently we fail horribly at those. Someone, well a friend actually, was berating us – telling us we’re not consistent. I think we do pretty good but then I clicked on Food & Drink and realised we didn’t. I apologise unreservedly.

On the upside they said our site was, and I quote “quite attractive”, so when the 2023 Quite Attractive Website Awards come around, we’ll be first to buy a table of ten to make the organisers a few grand, with the faint possibility of a chance to pick up a cheap bit of oddly shaped perspex (glass if we’re lucky) and a grin and grip snap – celebrate good times eh? #MadeIt

Spot a dead link, win a prize…
Yes, if you spot a dead link, or a glitch, or anything out of sorts, we’ll enter you in our annual competition. You might win something nice, like an oddly shaped bit of perspex. #Excited

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