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Self Publishing: Do You Have A Story To Tell?

Digital publishing has transformed the book world. Now anyone can have their story told.
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Yes, we publish magazines. We’ve worked in the publishing world on and off for around forty years. But we’ve published, and helped publish, many different publications over the decades. From humble, double sided A5 leaflets leaflets to books; from award winning annual reports and journals, to magazines and newspapers. If it can be published, we’ve probably had a hand in it.

Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts, Forage, Cowbridge
Over the years though, it’s been the story telling we’ve enjoyed the most. You’ve probably read some in our magazines – the kind of stories that inspire and make us appreciate life and the lives of others.

We believe everyone has a story to tell. They used to say, “we all have a book in us!” It’s true, and this is where we can help. At City Life we have all the skills and services to be able to help you get your story out there. We can help with writing, editing, design, printing and publishing, and the process isn’t as hard as you might think.

Years ago, publishing a book would be unthinkable. The costs involved would be, for most people, simply unaffordable. But these days with the revolution of digital publishing, you can create a book and literally print a few copies for yourself and your loved ones. A book of your life can be a great legacy.

If you’d like to discuss publishing your own book, we’d love to hear from you.

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Editor (Group Managing Editor)
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Mark Roberts
Creative Director
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Publishing your story has never been easier.
Look at Marina Storina, Vale Life’s cover star for autumn 2022. Marina has successfully published her book and it’s an inciteful read. Click here to view the magazine.