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Gauci Organic Candles

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Who doesn’t love a scented candle? But did you know that many candles contain nasties and, when burnt, can cause toxic fumes, which can lead to illness? Gauci Organic Candles are made from good, old-fashioned, earth grown soybeans and contain no nasties. Let candle maker extraordinaire, Spiro Gauci tell you more about candles and what got him interested in the candle making business.


What is so special about your candles then Spiro?
The wax we use is made from soybeans. It is further enhanced with the finest carefully selected botanical oils, adding to its performance characteristics. All our candles use soy waxes and are guaranteed to contain no petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products and all the soy waxes we use in our candle making are 100% vegetable.

Where did your passion for candle making come from?
I have always had a passion for fire, flames, candles and scents. I don’t know why, but when I was little I used to visit my nan and gramps (that’s Welsh for grandmother and grandfather by the way) at their bungalow in Newport. As they were quite elderly, they would always complain it was cold so they always had a coal fire burning. I used to sit staring into the flames for what seemed like hours just day-dreaming.

Looking back, that’s probably where my fascination came from so, as soon as I was old enough, I left home and got my own place. The first thing I bought for my flat was some scented candles from The Pier in Cardiff and my new flat smelled wonderful. Pretty soon I was experimenting with candle-making. Things were a little tight financially when I first started. I used to recycle the scented paraffin candle wax and pour into Pringle crisp containers with a string hanging from the kitchen unit. I’m sure it was partly to save money but also an excuse to buy more Pringles! At this point, I didn’t know anything about the chemical make-up of wax – my eco-friendly thinking was to come later as I looked into it in more detail.

I was also inspired by a road trip across America. In San Francisco, I discovered a candle shop that blew me away! It was full of candles and smelled fantastic – so many different colours and the scent was overwhelming. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I’ve dreamed of having my own candle making company ever since.

Where did the essential oils addition come from?
My experience in America opened my mind to the possibilities of using scents and essential oils in my candles. I’d always been interested in meditation (and Karate – it’s a spiritual thing I suppose) and so this seemed a logical step. I tried meditation myself with different scents and soon got a feel for what worked well. And so began my candle-lit journey.

Why is organic so important to you?
I wanted to share my passion for candles but, as I had become more environmentally aware, I also wanted to make sure that what I was creating wasn’t harming the planet. So, I researched organic soy wax and essential oils to ensure they were friendly before I went any further. Now I have a small workshop where we make our candles and I couldn’t be happier. My vision is turning into a reality and, although we’re only a small business, we’re growing every day as new customers find us and tell their friends.

At Gauci, we really don’t want to be the biggest candle business in the world, just the best. And, if we spread a little love and light along the way, that would be nice too.

Who buys your candles?
I have a small but growing list of private customers. I also stock my candles in a number of independent gift shops and salons. I’ve recently been in meetings with a couple of garden centres as well and I’m hoping to see my displays there soon. My little empire is growing! Gauci grooming products coming soon, beard oils, beard balms and the new website

If you would like Gauci Organic Candles in your business, then please get in touch by emailing

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