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Busking In Cardiff: A Fine Tradition

Cardiff has a fine tradition of live music and if it isn't in the pubs and clubs, it's out on the streets.
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Popped into the city centre yesterday. Glorious day, plenty of shoppers and visitors in town (it may have been Supercross day – not sure. What struck me most was there were plenty of really talented and enthusiastic buskers around.

Elderly chap near Caroline Street (if you’re a visitor, you must try a Caroline Street chicken curry off the bone from Dorothy’s – it’s a tradition), anyway, this gentleman was singing his heart out. Whatever he had for breakfast, I’ll take two.

Up on the Hayes there was a really lovely guy by the name of Stephen Dan Russell. He was playing a guitar and he reminded me of Earl Klugh. His vibe, his playing, just seemed to make a beautiful, warm autumn afternoon in Cardiff just seem that little bit more special.

A good friend of ours used to busk in Cardiff many moons ago. Colin The Flute (Colin Westermann). He was a lovely guy – now, sadly, playing out there somewhere in the universe.

Yes, let’s hear it for the buskers. They’re the soundtrack to the city.

Want to busk in Cardiff?
Here are a couple of useful websites:
Cardiff City Council
Get Licensed

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