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This Christmas Burger’s A Cracker, Honest!

December has arrived and that's a good thing because? Yes, you guessed right (you probably didn't), Honest Burger have launched their festive burger offering.
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You might think it’s hard for restaurants to keep coming up with seasonally themed burgers, or pastas, or tapas, or whatever, and you’d be right. It can’t be easy reinventing the wheel. But, I think it is a little easier this time of the year. Especially if you’re used to it like our Honest Burger friends.

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Their new festive offering is certainly something to celebrate having tasted it on Saturday. Honest doesn’t open until 11:30 am so, as we were in town early to avoid the late morning parking jam, we headed over to the National Museum of Wales for an hour which, I have to say, we thoroughly enjoyed. If you fancy broadening your mind and working up a healthy appetite (thinking takes it out of you), then this superb free-to-enter attraction is well worth a visit. There are dinosaurs, fossils, bugs and art aplenty.

Winter Wonderland in front of the museum is also open I think until January 2nd so, again, more than one reason to head into this part of town.

Brain cells activated and begging for a bit of protein, we headed back to Honest on Church Street (less than ten minutes on foot). Couple of drinks ensured we weren’t going to dehydrate, and our Christmas Burgers arrived accompanied by our usual go-to of whopping onion rings (they are delish).

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So, what’s in it? Their usual consistently good beef patty with smoked bacon, deep-fried camembert, cranberry sauce and rocket. It doesn’t sound like a lot of ingredients but as they say, less is more, and this combination is just super scrummy. You know you’re enjoying something when you’re mumbling all sorts of weird chewy sounds under your breath. Honestly (unintended pun) it is superb.

I think it was £14.50 including rosemary fries (they’re scrummy too) but don’t quote me. The rings are extra.

From there, we headed into the brilliant Cardiff Market to visit Cardiff Bakestone to stock up on Welsh Cakes. I think they’re the best in Cardiff although happy to be challenged.

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They also have a vegan option too!

So, if you’re in town and you want a non-turkey Christmassy lunch, brunch or evening munch that will fill you up good and proper, head over to Honest Burger – it’s a cracker (I know – groan).

Honest Burger
10 Church Street
Cardiff CF10 1BG

For more information on Honest Burgers visit

Meat’s back on the menu boys!
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