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The Wednesday W(h)ine: Covid-19

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Always hard to follow up after a first good hit (and it was – click here if you missed it). Our second Wednesday w(h)ine means we can be optimistic the rest of the week but have a proper sound off and get it all off our chests today while enjoying a cheeky glass of red, rosé or white. For our second week on the trot, we resort to red once more. I’ll try and choose a decent white next time.

The whine…
Whether you call it the Wuhan Flu or Covid-19, I’m sure you’ll agree this particular virus has created a bit of a name for itself. That name being, yes, a right pain in the bunda. It’s seen off far too many loved ones (and NHS heroes), disrupted our lives and is doing an excellent job of wrecking the world’s economies and plunging us all into a global depression. So, this wonderfully damp Wednesday, we raise our glasses to the meanest viral blob to ever escape a grubby provincial lab (we love a conspiracy theory – or should we call it a possibility or probability). Either way, we didn’t create it and perhaps now is the time to seriously reconsider our economic relationships with China. I digress…

So what’s this got to do with wine? Absolutely nothing really. Apart from the fact that our glorious government this week decided to reverse its ridiculous quarantine rules for those flying out of, and into, the UK – except that… drum roll (or, possibly more fitting, a blow into your Galician gaita, or slap of your adufe across your thigh), they left our dear pals in Portugal off the list. “Difícil de acreditar!”

So with this hideously, baffling decision still reverberating around the bars of the Algarve, we present to you a most delightful Portuguese wine.

The wine…

Douro 2017
£8 ish (every little helps).
75cl 13.5%

Okay, you’re in the supermarket because you wanted something else but, because they sell wine you think, well, you know. So you decide for once to spend a few pounds more. Douro! And you’ve made the right choice. This is a bold, brassy, fruity wine that doesn’t pull any punches. Really you need to be in Portugal enjoying this but what with the travel ban, you’ll just have to enjoy it at home.

It’s punching well above its weight. If you’d paid £12-£15 for this bottle, you wouldn’t have been hard done by. At 13.5% it’ll creep up on you like a Portuguese Man o’ War – within two or three glasses, like the notorious, previously mentioned jellyfish, you’ll have your tentacles around the nearest person declaring your undying love and all thoughts of a 2m health and safety gap will be a distant dream.

It’s hearty, so it’ll be good with food (perhaps a casserole and some chunky, heavily buttered bread) but isn’t a grape a food? Think of it as lovely Portuguese alcoholic fruit smoothy.

You’ll definitely want to knock up a bifanas to go with this one. God I miss those Portuguese sandwiches; marinated pork served in crunchy white bread and that marinade! Ooooh, the spices – paprika, garlic, oh dear, I’m right back in Carvoeiro. Might have to rustle up a BLT as I’m stuck in wet and windy south Wales.

Anyway, this is the perfect wine to accompany a hearty sandwich and, as the 2m rule is still in place (thank you Emperor Palpatine. Sorry, I mean Drakeford), I won’t have to share it. “Goood, goood, let the hate flow through you.”

Until next time. Stay safe! Adeus.

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