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The Wednesday W(h)ine: Time

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Steve Jobs, or Nerd Jesus as comedian Bill Burr once described him, said, allegedly: “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.” And Steve would know as he ran out of it pretty quickly at the ripe young age of 56. Sadly, Steve discovered too late that time, and health, are much more valuable than money.

City Life Cardiff Wednesday Wine Waitrose 2
What is it about time? For example, this week has been a nightmare. I’ve been chasing my tail trying to catch up on some writing, gardening, accounts, car repairs, visiting family etc – time has conspired to make a fairly straightforward set of tasks incredibly stressful. If I had twice the time or even 20% more time it would have been much easier. I don’t really have time to write this!

Anyway, we’re all short of time. I recall speaking to a very successful businessman once and I asked him what he enjoyed most about being obscenely wealthy (he is a multi-millionaire). His reply? And I quote: “Apart from not having to take crap from people I don’t particularly like, it’s having more time. I have way more now than I ever did. The pressure’s off. I’m relaxed, and time appears to pass much more slowly.”

I can completely relate to that. Anyway, time for the wine…

City Life Cardiff Wednesday Wine Waitrose 1
The wine…

Waitrose (Cowbridge – I was passing through)
Tempus Two Silver Series (Sauvignon Blanc 2019)
£5.99 (I recall it being a few pounds more at the shelf but I didn’t question it at the till)
75cl 10.5%

They, whoever they are, say time is money. Well, wine is money too so you’ll not want to be blowing your hard-earned on some 3 for £10 muck (and it is). You’ll be wanting a lovely, reasonably priced Australian Sauvignon Blanc for about six or seven pounds. The appropriately named Tempus (Latin for time) Two is all you’ll need to acccompany your ribs, chicken, steak, fish or whatever happens to be on the barbie (Australian slang for barbeque). Chilled, as you should be drinking it, this vibrant little new world white will leave you, shall we say, in a meditative mood. At 10.5% it’ll take a couple of bottles to get you into the zone but at £5.99, you can afford a case or two. It’s zippy, clean and fresh and the herbaceous notes linger on the palate long after it’s headed south.

What are the chances of getting a wine called Tempus when you’re writing about time and the supermarket you bought it from has ‘wait’ in it’s name? Ooooh, spooky.

Talking about Waitrose, and time, those ‘Partners’ being laid off will soon have plenty of time on their hands to contemplate just how ‘partnery’ they feel. If you’re a Partner, surely that means you can’t be laid off. Am I right? #AskingForAFriend

Anyway, I must get on, time flies when you’re drinking wine.

Tick tock (and stay away from that horrid app of a similar name – no good will come of it)


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