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The Art Of Amanda Clegg

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Amanda Clegg is a Canton based portrait artist. Her Vanity Fair and cheeky comic book art has become extremely popular with Cardiffians who want an artwork or gift that is truly unique.

Originally Amanda painted portraits in oils (and still does), but for the past few years, she has discovered a niche market for digital portraits in the style of Victorian/Edwardian Vanity Fair cartoonist Leslie Ward.

Although there were numerous artists who contributed to the publication, these Vanity Fair portraits, are collectively known as ‘Spy’ cartoons. Named after the pseudonym (or nom de crayon) of their most influential artist Leslie Ward, ‘Spy’ was an apt name as Ward would study his ‘victims’ for many hours prior to beginning his preliminary sketches.

Amanda’s digital Vanity Fair style portraits pay homage to these impressive, albeit overlooked artists. The original prints are highly collectible among legal professionals, as such her clients are mostly barristers, QCs and Judges, and more recently the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Her intention is that they would nest comfortably amongst any ‘Spy’ print collection and even pass as originals.


She also creates portraits in the style of comic book covers. These are popular with parents looking for a unique keepsake of their children. She even does adults! The cheekier the expression the better.

Amanda Clegg

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