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Review: Wagamama, Cardiff

Wagamama. Weird sounding name, but who cares if the food’s good?! But is it?
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Alan Yau, the 60 (ish)-year-old multi-millionaire founder of Wagamama once explained that the restaurant chain’s name basically means ‘spoilt’ (you could look it up for context). It might sound quite negative to some people, but it all depends on how you interpret it. If you’re being spoiled, well that’s a whole different thing. So, did Wagamama look after our foodies Rich and Nadya? Read on…

What did you order for starters?

Beef Brisket plus Kimchee Gyoza and Yasai Vegetable Gyoza.

What did you think of the starters?

Both Gyoza dishes were full of flavour and the yuza and spiced vinegar dipping sauce complemented the bursts of flavour. Honestly, I could eat at least fifty of these.

What did you order for mains?
Marinated Chicken Thigh Coconut Kare, Steak Teriyaki Soba with Pork plus Panko Apple Buns and Korean Barbecue Beef Buns on the side.

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Thoughts on these?

For me the sauce on the Chicken Coconut Curry was to die for – along with the sticky rice, hint of chilli and zest from the lime, I was in curry heaven. The Teriyaki Steak was perfectly cooked and melt in your mouth. To be honest everything was perfectly cooked, not a single morsel survived.

How about dessert?
Smoked Chocolate Caramel Cake and Yuzu Basque Cheesecake.

Again, thoughts?

We definitely made the right choice for the desserts, the chocolate cake was very indulgent, full of all the chocolate, salted caramel, biscuit and fudge flavours you heart desires with a hint of smoke. The cheesecake was melt in your mouth soft with a zesty twist. Two contrasting desserts, what a perfect combination to share.

What did you order to drink?
We always like to try out cocktails, so we ordered a strawberry shiso mojito and a pandan passion fruit colada, and we’re glad we did.

What was the atmosphere like?
It wasn’t too busy as it was a Tuesday evening. The weather was perfect so we sat outside, we had a very relaxing time in the chilled atmosphere.

What was the service like?
All the staff were lovely and we felt very welcome. It all felt very natural and they were very helpful with menu choices.

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Did you have to wait long in between servings?

Everything was served in a timely fashion, amazing service by all the staff. We were very impressed.

Do you think the bill was fair for the offering?
We would happily pay this again. We couldn’t fault a single dish. Quite reasonable compared to other, similar restaurants.

What were your thoughts overall?

Wagamama is a restaurant we will be visiting again with friends. There are so many more interesting dishes and cocktails we’d like to try. We had a great experience with the wonderful staff and had a few laughs.

There you have it. On this occasion Wagamama delivered a five-star experience.

It’s still a weird name though… mmmm, three stars, maybe three-and-a-half for the name.

14 Mill Lane
Cardiff CF10 1EX
029 2064 1564

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