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Review: Alchemist, Cardiff, Cosmic Supper Club

The Cosmic Supper Club. Cool name but is it really out of this world. City Life's Rich and Nadya took off to find out...
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We featured the Alchemist a little while ago. We love the building. It’s impressive. The Cosmic Supper Club intrigued us – we had to give it a shot. So Rich and Nadya got their gladrags on with the expectation of culinary magic. We caught up with them afterwards to find out whether the Cosmic Supper Club was out of this world or did it all end in a disappointing puff of smoke.

What dishes did you order?

We ordered six small plates:
Jalapeño and parmesan donut
Loaded truffle tater tots
Cubano pork bon bons
Salt ‘n’ shake potatoes
Next level chocolate brownie
Yuzu cheesecake cup

Check out the pics!
20240506_192705 20240506_192507 20240506_192454 20240506_192443 20240506_192424 20240506_192416 20240506_192407 20240506_192231
What did you think of the savoury dishes?

We love sharing taster menu items, it’s a great way of trying different things. All the savoury dishes were yummy, the donut and the bon bones were our favourite, some new interesting flavour combinations which is always a nice surprise.

How about dessert?
The brownie was melt-in-your-mouth gooey goodness without being too sickly and the cheese cake was fresh and fruity – both were amazing but as we are both chocoholics the winner has to be the brownie.

20240506_192846 20240506_192836
What did you order to drink?

The Cosmic Supper had a choice of two different Oyster mini cocktails which were very interesting, we had one of each, Cosmic Oyster (Bombay Presse Gin, Limoncello, Yuzu, Citrus Disco Blue, Passionfruit Pearls) and Apertivo Oster (Aperol, Italicus Bergamot Aperitivo, Citrus Disco Grenadine, Orange Bitters, Pearl). Both were so tasty we can’t choose a favourite, we had to resist ordering more…

20240506_200612 20240506_200602
What was the atmosphere like?

We went on a Monday night so it wasn’t very busy, but we had a chilled evening and took our time eating and drinking. The interior of the Alchemist is pretty cool, a mix of old and new styles with lots of stylized artwork, definitely a pleasant place to spend an evening, busy or not.

What was the service like?
We were welcomed immediately and shown to our table in the restaurant, all staff were friendly and the service was prompt, as expected.

Did you have to wait long in between servings?
Service was efficient, and timely, no complaints.

Do you think the bill was fair for the offering?

The Cosmic Supper Club is definitely worth the money, were both left with full bellies, the portions were bigger than expected, I would definitely go again and try some of the other dishes.

What were your thoughts overall?
We had a very positive experience and would highly recommend the Alchemist, it’s always a good sign when you enjoy every single thing you eat, I doubt that even had to clean the plates…

So there it is! A big thumbs up from our Cosmic couple.

The Alchemist
17 St Mary Street, Cardiff CF10 1DY
029 2130 3755

Instagram/TikTok @TheAlchemistUK

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