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Michael Mansfield’s Call To Arms In Cardiff

One of the UK’s foremost human rights barristers is coming to Cardiff on Thursday January 18th – and he’s angrier than ever.
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Michael Mansfield KC has issued a call to arms, in this election year, that we the people have the power to change our lives, to rewrite history and to call those in power to account.

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He will be speaking at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism, Media and Culture, in an evening event open to the general public and students.

The legendary barrister’s cases have included Bloody Sunday, the Birmingham Six, Marchioness, Hillsborough, Stephen Lawrence, Diana Princess of Wales and the Grenfell Inquiry. He was recently featured on the Netflix documentary ‘Who killed Jill Dando?’

Currently he is involved in the inquiry into the Novichok poisoning in Salisbury, he is representing families of those who died in the 1972 Springhill massacre, and he is in South Wales to represent the family of Christopher Kapessa.

The barrister has also been involved in three of the biggest Welsh miscarriages of justice cases – The Cardiff Five, the Cardiff Newsagent Three and Mahmood Mattan.

The 82-year-old will be in conversation with BBC Wales presenter Danielle Fahiya, producer and presenter of the podcast Mattan: Injustice of a hanged man.

He will be speaking about his latest book, The Power in the People, which was published in October 2023. His message is that people power can be unstoppable.

Michael Mansfield KC said: “As a lawyer and a citizen I was fed up and incandescent with the way the governing classes were disregarding the rule of law to suit themselves and their pursuit of power. And the evidence at the Covid inquiry says it all – total disrespect accompanied by toxic arrogance and lies. Let the bodies pile up.

“This is all about the ability of each and every one of us to bring about change in the face of all odds. It’s important in an election year when politicians, save a few Welsh ones, are morally bankrupt and that is why I am angrier than ever.

“The citizen has the power to bring about change and I use some singular Welsh examples to show how this happens despite all the odds. One compelling factor is the intrepid investigative journalist, who lends support, energy and courage. The change is you.”

Danielle Fahiya added: “This is a rare opportunity to hear Michael speak with spirit and heart, that each and everyone of us has the power to make a difference to the injustices we witness.

“The Welsh cases he was involved with demonstrate people power and the monumental change that it can make. A not to be missed event.”

They will be joined for questions by journalist Phillipa Cherryson, who uncovered the Mattan miscarriage of justice while a reporter for the South Wales Echo and was with his widow at the Court of Appeal to see the conviction quashed.

Independent bookshop, Book-ish will be present on the evening selling copies of Michael’s book, which he will be signing following the talk.

The event will raise funds for Mansfield’s registered charity SOS – Silence of Suicide, a suicide prevention and emotional wellbeing helpline. He set up the charity with his wife after the suicide of his daughter Anna in 2015.

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Notable Cardiff cases
Cardiff Five – In 1988, five men were arrested and charged with the murder of twenty-year-old sex worker Lynette White in Cardiff. Three men were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. In 1992 the convictions were ruled as unsafe and quashed by the Court of Appeal. In 2002 Jeffrey confessed to the murder and was handed a life sentence.

The Cardiff Newsagent Three – The three men were convicted of the 1987 murder of Cardiff newsagent Phillip Saunders. Michael O’Brien, Darren Hall and Ellis Sherwood spent eleven1 years in prison before their convictions were quashed in 1999.


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