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Lewis Ballard

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When has it ever paid to drag your heels? Making Tax Digital (MTD) has been pushed back to 2020. Great news? Don’t have to make the changes? Sadly that’s wrong. When MTD eventually starts, the digital heel draggers will find their tech-savvy competitors sailing to success, with the last boat long gone. Waiting for MTD before adopting cloud technology is crazy. Digitalisation is increasing the speed and ease of doing business right now.


We’re keeping ahead of the tide so we’re not only ready to deal with the inevitable hiccups of MTD, we’re also ensuring our clients stay ahead of competitors today.

‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.’
We’ve made that investment in Xero Cloud Accounting. As avid Xero pioneers, we’re actively working with them to improve the resource, whilst also championing the voices of our clients when it comes to feedback and progress. Xero is continually adding new and more streamlined features and aim to make using their software so simple that it would be reckless not to.

Where is the silver lining?
Cloud accounting is up to date information on a constantly updating platform. It keeps you in touch with the figures of your business as they change. Taxation experts suggest that there’ll be an organic move to cloud accounting.

We’re doing it now. Everyone will have to do it eventually. This is accounting’s cutting edge. And it’s right where future businesses success stories will be.

Genghis Khan’s empire grew on his willingness to embrace new technology; the bow and arrow.
No one is suggesting that you start conquering your business competitors with primitive weapons, but why use outdated systems?

Proactive change helped Genghis create a vast empire; vanquishing enemies, not just because he was ready to change, but because he had changed and prepared in advance.

To be prepared is half the victory.
At Lewis Ballard, we’ve making far more strides than just getting ahead of MTD.

We’re also launching our Lewis Ballard App. It’s packed with useful tools, to track mileage, upload your receipts and calculate tax. It will give you fingertip access to Xero, Receipt Bank and many more programs to help streamline your business, with direct access to our portal to sign off documents on the go.

In addition, our bespoke program 4Sight gives us the ability to regularly predict your business future letting you pounce on opportunities, and dodge problems before they surface. 4Sight will raise your business planning capabilities beyond the monthly board meeting to the continuous nurture of your assets.

Convenience is key.
The eternal struggle for busy business owners is time management. How can I keep on top of bookkeeping? keep track of cash ow? Or predict what’s coming?

Xero, the LB App and 4Sight are big steps towards really catching business up with the on-the-go lives that we lead. Cloud accounting is secure and it saves time. Apps are an integral part of the way we do business. So why wait to change?

To make it even easier for clients to navigate these systems, we’re integrating them into our brand new website, so that everything related to our service is connected to one, all-encompassing, business hub. You don’t need as much 4Sight as Ghengis to see this is the way you need to go!

Lewis Ballard
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