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Knuckles At Chapter? A Play With Punch!

The last day of anyone’s retirement is usually calm and peaceful. That is unless your name is Victor ‘The Knuckles’ Norman.
, / 1246

This the disturbing story, based loosely on true events, of one man’s rise and fall and all the chaos that ensued in-between.

This stage play starring Paul Black has been written by the incredibly talented Anthony Bunko and directed by Neil Maidman. It’s at Chapter at 7:30pm on Friday 3rd June.

Reviews? Here’s what people say…
“Wow! What a production! Powerful, gritty, earthy- taking us on the journey of Victor ‘Knuckles’ Norman’s life! A powerful script by Anthony Bunko, great direction and voice of god Neil Maidman and an outstanding ‘tour de force’ performance by Paul Black! Feel very honoured to watch this performance as the talented trio go from strength to strength! This production needs to be seen UK wide and beyond!”

Superb night ! Victor Knuckles Norman played by Paul Black was both moving and amazing . He didn’t perform it in my eyes he lived it..

“It was absolutely amazing. The writing was brilliant and Paul’s performance was mesmerising. You’d be lucky to find that kind of quality in the west end or Broadway.”

“Absolutely brilliant.”

“Knuckles – A brilliantly written and produced play showcasing the talents of all involved.”

“Commanding the stage from beginning to end, Paul Black bared his soul in giving an unequivocally breathtaking performance to the one man play Knuckles.”

“I love theatre – mainly been to big productions and fringe. This production blew my mind!!! As a gurnwah virgin I was expecting a half decent experience from word of mouth critics. I was totally amazed and left the theatre on such a high. Maybe it was because I was then able to breathe! It was so gripping and immersive I’m pretty sure I didn’t take a breath the whole time! So impressed – I’ve woken up feeling excited to see the next one (please be a next one!) If I had the dough I’d pay for it myself! Has made me hungry for more! How often in life does that happen!? Well done all involved!

“I hope you all get the privilege to see it.. you need to …it has to be shown across Britain and the world… a complete work of art from start”

So there you go. The peeople have spoken. Give it a shot and tell us what you think.

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