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Hormones: The Ultimate Balancing Act

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Dr Sohère Roked (pronounced Sa-hair Row-ked) is a General Practitioner with a specialist interest in Integrative medicine. Her passion is to help empower patients to take control of their healthcare using a range of tools.


Born in England and brought up in Wales, Sohère studied medicine at Southampton University and graduated in 2003. She has worked across hospitals in England and Wales, in the specialities of A&E, general medicine and surgery, women’s health, otolaryngology, and spent three years working as a psychiatrist before becoming a GP.

It was this broad knowledge of medicine that made her realise that the current conventional medical practice is far from complete. It did not provide her with the tools to understand and address the emotional, spiritual, environmental, social, nutritional, lifestyle and psychological issues that influence the health and wellbeing of so many patients.

Not all conditions fully improve with conventional treatments, which is something Dr Sohère has seen as an NHS GP. She has a strong belief that to achieve true health, you must look at the physical in conjunction with the mind as the two are closely linked and impact on each other, and this is often overlooked in conventional NHS healthcare.

Dr Sohère has a broad range of knowledge about both conventional and holistic medicine and uses this to combine the two in her recommendations for better health, which is called Integrative Medicine. She has studied with the British College of Integrative Medicine and has been taught by experts in the eld from the UK, Australia and the USA with the British College of Integrative Medicine in the U.K and under Dr Neal Rouzier (Medical Director of the Preventive Medicine Clinic, Palm Springs, California) as well as the Cenegenics Institute, A4M and the Institute of Functional Medicine, and is now recognised as one of the few GPs in the UK to cover both conventional and holistic medicine.

Dr Roked’s covers a wide range of concerns, such as exhaustion, chronic/ adrenal fatigue, menopause, fertility, thyroid disorders and menopause, with her number one aim to decrease her client’s symptoms.

With her warm, friendly, down to earth manner, Dr Roked uses a combination of approaches, including bio-identical hormones, encouraging each patient to see themselves as a ‘whole’ and, wherever possible, using natural healthcare that works in synergy with the body. She looks at nutrition, fitness, stress and digestive health as well as potential chemical imbalances and the presence of parasites, toxicity, chronic inflammation and body acidification, treating as necessary to restore the body back into balance to help to achieve a happier, healthier day to day life. In addition, Dr Roked is the author of The Tiredness Cure.

Dr Sohère has been prescribing bioidentical hormones for many years and sees hormone balance as the foundation of health. She also believes in the importance of preventative medicine and creates individualised wellness programmes for her patients to achieve optimum health.

Some women feel they must just suffer at this time of life, or see taking hormones as a failure. Studies are now showing taking hormones at the start of the menopause benefit a woman not only in terms of symptoms but in terms of cardiovascular health, bone density and neurological health. Hormones should not be feared, but you do need to see an expert who understands all the evidence and can help you weigh up the pros and cons.

For Sohere, the two most important aspects are not doing harm and being of service to the patients she sees and listening to their needs. She provides them with options so that she can help their symptoms and give them a say in how they are treated. One size doesn’t fit all. She is also aware that some women feel fantastic on conventional HRT and she has no problem with that either.

The key is to look at the person in front of her, listen to them, and treat them holistically, taking into account their preferences and lifestyle.

As an NHS GP, Dr Roked started noticing an epidemic of exhausted, lethargic patients so she set her sights on a solution to their sleepiness. The empowering guide, The Tiredness Cure is now hailed as a cure for fatigue and the secret to more energy, feeling great and looking younger.

In January 2017 Dr Roked launched The ALiVE Retreat in Fuerteventura, a 5-day retreat consisting of yoga, healthy eating, daily health talks, meditation and a medical consultation.

Whatever your health concern Dr Sohère Roked can change your health and subsequently change your life.

Dr Sohère Roked is available for both face to face and remote consultations via telephone and Skype.

Dr Sohère Roked
3a Montpelier Street

020 7584 4777

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