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Honest Mexican: Yes There Is Such A Thing

And what's more, you can eat it too! But don't expect any badges.
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Whenever anyone mentions Mexican food, I immediately think of Wahaca. I really like Wahaca but they don’t do burgers. Honest do burgers and they do them particularly well. To say we love Honest Burger would be an understatement. They really are fab and their latest offering is exceptionally good. I’d even go as far as to say their best special yet!

I have to admit I was a little sceptical, but on a very sunny afternoon in September (I know, a rare thing – with a little research and some deduction you could probably work out which day and time we were there – it’s rained that much) this “tasty burger” passed the City Life taste test with plenty of room for showboating. The Mexico is superb, as you’d expect, and the clever collaboration with Tajin seasoning, a staple in Mexico and America and loved for its zingy, citrus flavour just works beautifully.

It’s a mild blend of chillies (it had to be, I’m not a fan of blow-your-socks-off heat), sea salt and lime that makes everything that little bit more delicious. Is it authentic? I have no idea, I’ve never been in front of a Mexican street food vendor. If I am fortunate enough to visit Mexico and meet one, I hope it tastes as good as this.

The burger was the usual Honest beef with Monterey Jack cheese,  lime and Tajin avocado sour cream, Honest chipotle sauce made with tomatoes, garlic, onions and Tajin, plus lettuce and pickles.

As usual, we accompanied our burgers with homemade rosemary salted chips and topped off the platter with some massive onion rings. This prompted the Father Ted joke of the day…
Jack: “Why are these onion rings so big?”
Me: “Because they’re very, very close.”
I’ll get me poncho…

The Mexican Special is available until the 2nd October.

I mentioned badges earlier. That may be lost on you but those who know, know. Here’s a YouTube link that might help.

Anyway, if anyone deserved a badge, it was Harry our waiter – lovely chap who was, ultimately, going to work in ecology. We wish him well in his endevours. It’s refreshing to meet young people who don’t want to work in media or be “influencers”. Yes, the world needs more ecologists. For now, Harry was enjoying his time at Honest Burger and doing a very good job too.

Honest Burger
10 Church Street
Cardiff CF10 1BG

For more information on Honest Burgers visit 

Meat’s back on the menu boys!
Love meat as much as we do? Tell us about your favourite steak, or burger, or Sunday lunch. We’d love to hear your recommendations.

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