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Xavier Rush is an ex-All Blacks rugby player and former Cardiff Blues captain. With a fifteen-year rugby career, great reputation and glowing profile both as a sportsman and a businessman, Xavier’s confidence took a major knock when he noticed his hairline receding. City Life caught up with the former All-Black No.8 to find out more.

“I had the hair transplant just after retiring from rugby,” Xavier says. “There was, and still is, a bit of stigma around having a hair transplant. But it’s a decision I definitely do not regret for a second. It gave me back my confidence which, I’m not embarrassed to say, had been affected a lot by going bald. I never liked losing at anything so losing my hair was always going to be a problem for me.”

Opening up about his personal struggle, Xavier said, “It creeps up on you slowly. Going bald doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s kind of a drawn-out, slow process. You deny it at first but when I was looking back over team photos it became really noticeable. So, I decided to do something about it. I’m certainly glad I did and that’s what got me interested and involved in the business. There was, I believed, a gap in the market – and I could see and feel the difference it had made to me so I just wanted to help other guys – I think we can make a difference.”

Xavier is justifiably proud of the team at HQ. “I’ve played and worked with great teams over the years and realised that if you want to be successful in life, you have to have the very best people around you. I have an amazing team here at HQ in Charles Street. We’re changing peoples’ lives. We have recruited expert hair transplant surgeons that pride themselves on medical excellence, precision and aim to get the best and most natural looking results.”

He adds, “Sadly, every year men are looking to travel abroad to have a hair transplant due to cost. There are an increasing number of unlicensed personnel overseas that are performing substandard hair restoration surgery and, in doing so, are putting patients at risk. At Head Quarters Hair Transplants all our surgeons are registered doctors with the General Medical Council. All are fully trained and accredited to hair transplant industry benchmarks with a wealth of experience in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery. We also have finance options available so the cost can be affordable here in the UK without quality, care, and precision being compromised. Anyone who knows will know I rarely compromise about anything.”

For many men, hair loss can mean insecurity and a blow to our self-esteem. It’s part of our identity, so it’s little wonder that when it recedes, or we lose it all together, it can be quite a shock to the system. Some men are really lucky and they shrug it off but, for many, it can be psychologically damaging.

Head Quarters offer the most comprehensive option in South Wales and South West England to restore your youthful looks and have you feeling yourself again.

So why do we lose our hair?
An important 2011 study on male hair loss study found that the primary cause of male pattern baldness is that as we age, stem cells in the scalp lose the ability to develop into the type of cells that make hair follicles.

Hair loss is, of course, unique to each individual with the layout of your hair, general health and amount of follicles all making a difference. Hair loss is generally caused when the follicles become damaged or weakened and therefore unable to continue producing hairs.

Technology and science have advanced so much in the past ten years that we are now able to offer patients the most incredible looking and feeling hair transplants, by relocating healthy follicles and their associated stem cells to areas of hair loss. Weakened follicles can also be stimulated into producing healthy hair with adjuvant treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and medications.

HQ Head Quarters offers:
* FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction)
* FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
* SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation)

Is a hair transplant procedure painful?
You will be pleasantly surprised! We will apply local anaesthetic prior to your procedure, so while there may be a tiny amount of pain from those initial injections, it is unlikely you will feel anything other than mild discomfort from that point onwards. Similarly, there may be some mild irritation after the surgery but this will clear up very quickly thanks to the saline spray we provide and our aftercare pack.

Will I need time off work?
We do recommend taking 7 to14 days off work in order to facilitate a complete and stress-free healing process. There is a chance you will heal quicker than this but it is always important to be safe. Some people decide to work from home in the days following their procedure while any signs you’ve had the procedure resolve.

It is worth discussing with your HR department as many companies have a policy for sick pay during this time and will state Hair Transplant or perhaps Aesthetic Medicine in their absence policy.

What causes male hair loss/baldness?
Male hair loss is a very common side effect of ageing in men and will be experienced at some point during the lives.

By the age of fifty around half of men will have some degree of hair loss. Each hair follicle tends to produce one strand of hair for two to six years, after which the hair will shed and a new hair will begin to grow from the follicle.

Since stem cells are involved in inducing this process, hair loss can begin to set in over time, as stem cells lose their effectiveness and a hormone common in males known as dihydrotestosterone causes the follicles to shrink and struggle to grow new hairs.

Is there anything I can do to improve my hair transplant?
In general, it is best to discuss this with us on the phone or in person. The reason for this is that everybody’s hair loss situation and procedure requirements are different and so the answer isn’t always the same.

There are certain medical hair loss treatments that may be applied in the months running up to your procedure that can increase the quality of your results.

It is best to discuss this with us first to be 100% sure you aren’t using any treatments that can have a negative effect or wasting money on products that won’t make any difference.

Do I need a hair transplant?
Every case of hair-loss is different and this answer often depends on you. If you are unhappy with your hair-loss and believe it is having a negative impact on your confidence or self-esteem, we highly recommend contacting us to book a free, no-obligation consultation so we can discuss your options and what our surgeons can achieve for you.

Are hair transplants just for your head?
Absolutely not! You can request facial hair transplants to combat hair loss of the beard, sideburns, moustache, eyebrows and more. We do need to assess this on a case by case basis which is why you should book a consultation if you wish to discuss it.

Will I be left with scarring?
Hair transplants provide extremely minimal scarring that is rarely visible. The end result looks natural and healthy and most people won’t even be able to tell you have had a procedure.

I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions before and after the procedure. Will I be fully supported?
Of course. Aftercare does vary slightly from patient-to-patient depending on your individual procedure and requirements. We provide more information on our aftercare page but the most important thing for you to know is that our aftercare team will always be reachable for any advice and guidance you might need.

How much does a hair transplant cost?
There is not one answer to this as the cost of a hair transplant procedure varies based on the patient, their current hair, the strength of their donor site, their ideal end goal etc. We recommend booking a free consultation so we can investigate your specific requirements. We do offer payment plans. We want to help as many men struggling with hair loss as possible.

If, like Xavier, you’d like to do something positive about your hair loss, perhaps it’s time to give HQ a call. It could change your life!

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