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Fake Invoice Scam Targets Cardiff

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It has been brought to our attention that there are a number of Scams currently circulating the local Cardiff area.


One such example includes a company’s clients receiving letters, supposedly from the company, asking for clients to change the bank details they usually pay into. The letters had been made to look like the ‘real deal’ and included the company’s logo, as well as a directors ‘signature’,

Although it is often easy to identify fraudulent communication, on some occasions it can be hard to tell.

So, please be extra vigilant and if you receive communications from ourselves or any other contacts or companies asking for personal information or giving payment instruction, please contact the company directly to check what you have received is legitimate.

Here are some tips for staying safe:

• Keep your details safe: Never give out your Security Pin over the phone or online.
• Unique Passwords: Use a different password for each of your important accounts. Don’t use personal information in your password and use a mix of uppercase, lowercase, letters, numbers and symbols.
• Report spam: Most email programs offer ways to mark an email as spam or report instances of spam. Reporting spam will also help to prevent the messages from being directly delivered to your inbox.
• Own your online presence: Consider hiding your email address from online profiles and social networking sites or only allowing certain people to view your personal information.
• Enable filters on your email programs: Most Internet Service Providers and email providers offer spam filters. It’s a good idea to occasionally check your junk folder to ensure the filters are working properly.
We strongly advise you to forward this information onto your clients/customers/contacts in order to try and stamp out the risk of people falling victim to Scams and Phishing schemes.

This alert has been brought to you courtesy of Lewis Ballard.

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