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Exposure: Cardiff Photographer Peter de Snyder

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Based in Cardiff, photographer Peter de Snyder has stepped sideways away from teaching children to photographing them, and weddings, and dogs, and, well pretty much anything you want! City Life put Peter under the spotlight for half an hour…

Photographer Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff
That’s a big step Peter, please tell us a little about you and your background…
This year I took a leap of faith, and finished in the education sector where I was a Deputy Head Teacher in a Primary School in South Wales, to follow my dream of being a professional photographer. Sat outside a coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia, whilst visiting a friend, I made my decision to make my hobby my job. And, I’m proud to say, I’m now living it. Whilst down under I had the opportunity to visit local exhibitions and galleries whilst my friend worked in the daytime and it rekindled my lost love for the arts. The rest is history!

Wedding Photographer Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff 4
When did you first become interested in photography?
Ten years ago I began my journey in photography. I felt I needed a new challenge and began studying. I started with a nightschool class at a local college and the passion grew from there. I just love that no picture is the same and the creative ability you hold as a photographer, as well as the dynamic nature of the discipline.

Newborn Photography by Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff
Are there any photographers work you particularly admire?
I love the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, a Japanese photographer, whose work is based around minimalism, very much about composition and has an edge of surrealism about it. The latter being the reason I’m drawn to his work perhaps. My love for the surrealist greats like Dali, Miro and Magritte are my real love and inspiration. Their work, which some could say is far drawn from photography, encourages me to be creative and think outside the box. I loved studying these artists at school.

Wedding Photographer Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff 1
Dresses by High Society Bridal, Model Natalia Green, Flowers Jan Lima Flowers

What are your favourite subjects?
Weddings are great! They bring together all subjects in one place from newborns, toddlers and siblings, architecture and landscapes, and of course the most important subjects, the happy couple! As you’ll see on my social pages, I also love portraiture.

Photographed by Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff
What equipment do you use?
Canon D80.

Copyright Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff
Is photography a hobby as well as your profession?
I’m a professional wedding photographer but I also photograph toddlers and party shoots, newborn photography, engagement shoots and even do canine shoots. I think my background in education really helps me connect quite naturally with children. I love toddler and children’s sessions! They’re the perfect models, they pose naturally. You can’t not get great photographs! I do shoot outside my work but I’m pretty busy – having said that, I’m always looking at life through a lens.

Wedding Photographer Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff 3
You’re based in Cardiff, what do you love about the city?
The architecture. Look up as you’re walking down St. Mary’s Street, you’ll be amazed! And, the castle, bang in the middle of town. We’re blessed to have such a mix of things here in Cardiff – from the Bay, new developments in St Davids Shopping Centre and the new BBC offices by central station and of course the green belt that follows the river from North Cardiff down to the barrage.

Wedding Photographer Peter de Snyder, City Life Cardiff 2
What do you like about the City Life Photo Corner?
It’s inclusive and allows all of us to share our love for the city and the diverse range of things going on. Also, it allows for a great range of photography to be showcased – from street photography to wildlife.

Photographer Peter de Snyder, Fave Shot, City Life
Is there one shot you’ve taken that you’re proud of, or is just your favourite, and why?
The shot of my son at Roath Park standing on the ‘fairy path’. That isn’t what the path is called, but it was when I was a boy, when my nan used to walk us down there as the sun shone through the trees and everything felt magical. His innocence in this picture is so strong despite him, at this stage in my photography journey, being well fed up with being photographed.

Where in the world would you love to photograph?
India, for its life, colour and diversity in its geography and societies. I’ve not been so I feel like a fraud but the busy streets are every photographer’s dream. The food, hustle and bustle in the cities, and the peaceful and lush grasslands in the countryside could make for a great portfolio.

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