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City Life Instagram Back In The Saddle

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We can confirm that we have set up an all new Instagram account for City Life Cardiff. We’re a little way down on our sister magazines Wye Life and Vale Life in terms of followers but hey, we’ve a few more Facebook and twitter followers than them so they can certainly stop gloating.

Photographs courtesy and copyright of Mark Roberts

Photograph courtesy and copyright of Mark Roberts

Dogs are loyal. And for the most part they have integrity…

Sadly we had around 5,000 followers on our old account when an employee who had taken control of it waltzed off with it when they left to work for another publisher. Nice. But there we go, we live and learn.

Could we have sued? Of course! But these things take time and money and often get messy. We did politely ask for it to be returned but…

If you believe in #karma as we do, we’re pretty sure the universe will rebalance itself at some point in the future. It seems to have a habit of doing so in our experience.

Little tip…
Don’t let employees set up your social accounts and don’t let employees have control of your main password. #Doh

Here’s the link:

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