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Careers In Sport Live, Cardiff

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Cardiff University to host Careers In Sport Live for school schildren and students.

Non Evans MBE to provide keynote address at event designed to get children to learn a new sport and forge a career in sport.

A series of free nationwide events is kicking off next month at Cardiff Metropolitan University, giving teenagers and young adults the opportunity to find out how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, learn a new sport and also forge a career in the sport and fitness sectors.

Formerly known as the National Sports Roadshow, Careers in Sport Live will take place in Cardiff University on Tuesday, December 8th.

The day includes inspiring talks, presentations and demonstrations from leading sports and fitness professionals plus organisations from the worlds of football, rugby, American football, Aussie rules football, boxing, women’s rugby, athletics, triathlon, tennis and many, many more.

Non Evans MBE, the multi-displined sportswoman (Rugby Union, judo, weightlifting and freestyle wrestling) is the keynote speaker at the Cardiff event – and a keen advocate of Careers in Sport Live. She offered: “When I was a kid I was happiest playing outside, kicking a ball around in the streets and climbing trees.

“Because of technology, kids nowadays spend all their time sitting at home playing on their tablets and games consoles. I strongly support anything that helps to get them outside and playing sports.”

The Kick It Out organisation is also a strong supporter of the Careers in Sport Live event. The body’s Education Officer Hayley Bennett said: “The challenges of getting more young people involved in sports include a lack of interest – they think it’s not relevant or too early to be thinking about their careers. And sometimes being bombarded with information can put young people off.

“We need to make sure young people from a range of backgrounds are receiving the right information on the variety of careers and career pathways in sport.

“This is why events such as Careers in Sport LIVE are so important, and why Kick It Out supports them.”

Other presenters at the Cardiff Metropolitan University event include:
Matt Elias  Welsh Athletics National Lead Coach, Sprints & Hurdles
Adrian Palmer  Welsh Athletics Field Coach Development Manager
Vicki Sutton  Welsh Sports Association
Keely Baptista  Kick It Out
Gareth Power  Sport Cardiff
Rich Brady  Welsh Triathlon Performance Development Coach

In addition, an exhibition area featuring companies and organisations from all sectors of the sport and fitness industry means that young people can get invaluable advice about how they can get involved – as a player, a coach, a participant, a volunteer, a spectator, or as a career choice.

There are over 40 exhibitors at the Cardiff Metropolitan University including:
• Cardiff Blues
• EA Sports
• Kick It Out
• Royal Navy
• Sport Cardiff
• Welsh Athletics
• Welsh Sports Association
• Welsh Triathlon
• Welsh Rugby Union
• Welsh Rowing

The Careers in Sport Live events are held in partnership with the UK’s leading universities offering sports-related courses. Students from schools are invited to attend the events completely free of charge.

Each event contains three main elements:
The Careers Zone provides help and guidance for any delegates interested in working within the sport and fitness industry, including expert advice from key individuals working within each sector as to what is expected in terms of qualifications and experience required.

The Fitness Zone is aimed at helping and improving any individual’s personal fitness regime through an action-packed programme of 20-minute demonstration sessions, including the chance to try any of the latest hot fitness crazes currently sweeping the UK.

The Sports Zone offers a fantastic opportunity for all delegates to get involved with a diverse range of sports and leisure activities, from the extreme to the more relaxed. National Governing Bodies and organisations are available to help with any individuals looking at a career as a player, coach or official.

The Careers in Sport Live events are the brainchild of Harvey Grout, himself a former Senior Lecturer in Sports Education. “The idea behind Careers in Sport Live is to demonstrate to young people the myriad opportunities that exist in the health, sport and fitness industries – from coaching, personal training and teaching, to media and marketing, management and, of course, participation,” he explained.

“Unfortunately, most young people are not aware of the huge number of options that are available to them as a career path; Careers in Sport Live is about highlighting these opportunities.

“At the same time, with the health and fitness of our nation’s young people high on the agenda, the Careers in Sport Live events also serve to encourage students to take up new sports and activities, whilst learning about nutrition and the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle in an informal environment.”

There are six event locations through 2015/16.
These are:
Cardiff Metropolitan University
December 8th 2015
Brunel London University
December 15th 2015
University of Worcester
January 26th 2016
Leeds Beckett University
January 29th 2016
Bucks New University, High Wycombe
February 4th 2016
University of Lincoln
February 11th 2016

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