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Cardiff’s Green City Index Credentials

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The new Green Cities Index report from researchers at apartmental rental brand Essential Living reveals the UK cities scoring top marks for their green credentials and Cardiff does very nicely thank you coming in second just behind Leeds.

City Life Cardiff Roath Park Ladybird
Leeds, Cardiff, Belfast, Bristol, and Nottingham scored top marks for their green credentials. These cities are apparently home to the best parks, gardens, nature and wildlife areas, playgrounds and bodies of water.

Roath Park Lake City Life Cardiff Looking South
If you live in Cardiff you’ll probably already appreciate its numerous parks. Our personal favourite is Roath with its beautiful lake and abundant wildfowl.

City Life Cardiff Greenery
Each city and borough within the study was awarded points based on elements such as air quality, pollution, quality of life, life expectancy, and green spaces. A weighting system was then applied to the scores to calculate just how much green space there is in the immediate area to give the final ranking out of 60. From parks and gardens to pollution rankings there are so many factors that make a city green. But you might be surprised at the cities topping the list for each of the categories. Cardiff did particularly well in parks, gardens and nature areas. Not much of a surprise there.

Roath Park City Life Cardiff Lighthouse
I’m sure we can always improve but it’s good to know we’re ranked among the top cities in the UK. One thing that personally frustrates me is litter. I do think we could do a lot better in this area. Litterbugs was our first ‘Whine Of The Week’ if you recall.

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