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Canton Cobbler

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If you’re looking for a set of keys cut or to pick up a new pair of shoes or repair an old pair. Then Canton Cobbler has the experienced craftsmanship to fulfil your needs. We spoke to Tim Fowler to nd out a little bit more…


Tell us about the history of the shop?
Gordon Hughes was the man that started it all. Gordon and my father Don Fowler worked together in a Cobblers in Caerphilly. Gordon left to set up Canton Cobbler in the mid-70s and my father moved to Australia where he continued to work as a shoe repairer. My father returned to Cardiff to set up his own business, a few years later Gordon retired and asked my father to carry on the business.

Since then my father has expanded, we can repair shoes with lockstitch and goodyear welted techniques. He increased the range of keys we are able to cut including car keys, dimple and track keys. He also diversified into leather goods a few years back which started him on the path to retailing handmade shoes.

I have only been in the business a short time in comparison. After finishing university studying business and economics I started my own career but found myself more interested in my father’s business than my own, I quickly joined my father at Canton Cobbler.

The Canton Cobbler has been running for more than forty years, what do you think this experience adds to the service?
When people look at shoes they can instantly tell if they like them or not, when we look at shoes we can tell how they are made. We have seen different construction methods come and go and we know how to repair all of them.

This experience not only gives us the depth of knowledge that we use in our repairs but it applies to the products we retail. We don’t choose our products for pro t or because they are trending, we choose them because we know they are quality, from our Visconti bags, wallets and purses to our extensive range of Barker Shoes each product is selected by us.

What sort of repairs do you do to shoes?
Heels and soles are our most popular repairs but we can do nearly anything. We specialize in lockstitch and Goodyear welted shoe constructions which are how Barker shoes are made. We can repair them using the same methods as the way they are made. Who better to advise you on your next footwear purchase than someone who repairs and retails quality shoes.

What other services do you offer?
As well as repairing and retailing shoes we have recently started refurbishing shoes. We repair, retail and refurbish all under one roof. Key cutting watch batteries and watch straps are just some of the other services we provide.

Tell me more about Barker shoes, Christmas is only around the corner.
Barker shoes make beautiful handmade shoes in Northampton and they have been doing so since 1880. Each and every pair they make are of the highest quality and they have one of the biggest ranges of all handmade shoemakers.

The shoes themselves make really remarkable gifts and with our range of Saphir shoe care products to help look after them coupled with the services that Canton Cobbler offer it’s a gift that people can enjoy for years to come, and a gift they will remember.

Canton Cobbler
236 Cowbridge Road,
East Canton
029 2039 4392
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