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Anthony Joshua Lands New World Title

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We’re big fans of boxing here at City Life and watching Anthony Joshua become the New IBF World Champion last night made us very proud.

There’s a huge tradition of boxing here in Wales and the Welsh capital so we appreciate the dedication and sacrifice that Anthony Joshua makes to reach the pinnacle of his sport.

Anyone who’s ever set foot in a ring at amateur level will know the fitness, stamina, strength and skill it takes to hold your own for 30 seconds let alone three minutes, round after round while defending yourself and getting your own shots off. And to reach world class level requires all of this and 1,000 times more.

Anthony Joshua has all of the skills and much more, plus he’s a super humble, nice guy.

Being Welsh, watching Barry’s Lee Selby defend his title last night was special. Watching Anthony Joshua win his fight was the icing on the cake.

City Life tips our hat to both fighters. You’ve made us very proud indeed.

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