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Below are links to the latest editions of Cardiff’s City Life magazine. City Life is the premier lifestyle magazine for The City Of Cardiff. Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, part of the United Kingdom. Wales is amazing!

Castell Coch In South Wales.
Castell Coch (the Red Castle – also known as the fairy castle) in South Wales. Restored in 1870, it was built on the foundations of a 13th Century Castle.

City Life Spring 2016
The one with something scrumptious courtesy of The Pickled Radish, Llandaff.
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City Life Winter 2015
The one with award-winning accountants, Janet and Neil Ballard, holding a massive cup!
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City Life Autumn 2015
The one with a ravishingly gorgeous Maserati looking moody and sensuous. Vrrrooom!
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City Life Summer 2015
The one that made a cover star out of restaurateur Giovanni Malacrino. Bellissima!
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City Life Spring 2015
The one with the gorgeous blondes. Very cool, very retro, very City Life.
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Here’s a sneak look at our sister magazine: Vale Life…

Vale Life Spring 2016
The one with a fantastical interpretation of spring by the talented USTU team.
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