With the Summer definitely over and best forgotten, we can all start to look forward to what is my favourite season, Winter. If you have got some cash to spare, then there’s no better time to support your local businesses. It’s going to be a tough time ahead so please try to support the good ones when you can...

It’s time to put on thick black tights, boots and snuggly woollies and head off to one of our lovely local parks or coastal paths for a refreshing walk with the family. This is one of our favourite pastimes and, even better, in this current climate, it’s free!

For us girls, the shops are full of such gorgeous jewel coloured clothes, shoes and bags... it would be cruel not to buy them. For the guys, this is the time of the year when the shops are stocked full of the latest gadgets. Even if you’re a trainee shopaholic like me, finding those perfect Christmas gifts for the ones you love can have you tearing your hair out and leave you exhausted. But let us ease your pain. Inside this issue you’ll find some great ideas from some of the best shops in the Cardiff. Listmaking has never been so easy.

There’s a lot going on leading up to Christmas with various events across the city, so get your winter warmers on and, who knows, you might make some new friends and catch up with some old ones. We’re probably all guilty of letting friendships lapse and, after all, this is the time of year for being a little kinder to each other.

Many thanks
Jennifer Hobbs-Roberts
Editor jennifer@citylifecardiff.co.uk

The gorgeous dress I’m wearing pictured above is by Missoni and is available from Terminal 9 in Cowbridge.

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